Why did you create Lottie’s Kitchen?
I created Lottie’s Kitchen (formerly Lottie’s Little Kitchen) in my first year of university in an attempt to make student food affordable, beautiful and delicious. In the beginning there were mainly out of focus photographs of roughly chopped onions and the occasional anecdote about Green Apple vodka, but since its humble beginnings in 2012 this little blog has grown.
Lottie’s Kitchen is now a platform on which I share good quality, well-loved recipes, travel adventures and various craft and lifestyle posts. No longer a scrappy student blog, Lottie’s Kitchen is now an essential for every 20-something wending their way through this adventure we call life. Whether you’re after tips on what to eat in Brussels, the best cookie recipe ever or just a staple chicken stew to get through the winter, I’ve got your back.

What camera do you use? 
I use a Canon 600d and work mainly with an 18-55mm lens. I am currently coveting (and saving my pennies for) this lens.

Who takes the photographs on Lottie’s Kitchen? 
I take all the photographs here on Lottie’s Kitchen. Consequently my camera is usually covered in flour.

May I use your photographs on my site? 
Of course. Please just make sure to link back to my site.

Favourite form of social media? 
Instagram. #filtersforlife

Favourite cocktail? 
Either a super zingy mojito or a simple gin and tonic with extra ice and lime.

Favourite cookie? 
ALL OF THEM. Why is this even a question?

Any weaknesses? 
Salted caramel and puppies. I Google one or the other pretty much every day.

What is your favourite way to spend a Sunday morning? 
With a long, lazy lie in with Jack. Preferably listening to the radio in a huge, fluffy pillowed bed covered in crisp white linen. Breakfast in bed would of course be essential. I’d opt for pancakes with blueberries or granola with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit. He’d probably go for a bacon sandwich and a stolen pancake.

Do you still feel like you’re doing kale wrong, because no matter how hard you try you still don’t like it? 
Why yes, yes I do.

Favourite childhood book? 
The Folk of the Faraway tree. Shout out to Moonface.

Do you have any favourite blogs?
A whole bunch! You can find a couple of my favourites here

Any nicknames? 
I have several. They include Scoobs, Lottress and Bear. Don’t ask.

Are you a PR friendly blog? 
I am indeed. I love creating partnerships with companies and products I feel are appropriate for Lottie’s Kitchen. You can read a selection of my collaborative work here and here. If you think you have something to share, email me here.

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