Hi there, friend. I'm Lottie, a 21 year old student living in England.
I'm a self-confessed food enthusiast, world traveller and lover of life.

I created Lottie's Little Kitchen in my first year of university and began to document my often messy struggles in a student kitchen. In an attempt to offer some inspiration to students on a budget, I got creative with mince and clever with my grocery shopping. I created a Back to School series full of my favourite student meals, endless cookies, cakes and brownies on a budget, collaborated with Cosmo on Campus to produce a thrifty Food Friday series and worked with The Student Wordsmith to publish a set of LLK recipes in their first book! Now LLK has become a place to share real, achievable and tasty recipes for students and frugal cooks alike. I believe that food on a budget can still be beautiful and delicious. Lottie's Little Kitchen is here to prove that.  

Along with my favourite recipes, you'll find moments of my life documented on LLK. I've always collected my memories, whether it be in a big, old ottoman, scrapbooks or shoeboxes under my bed. LLK is a virtual (and slightly tidier) way to continue collecting all of my memories and share them with my family, friends and you. Some of my favourites include my blogging trip to Australia, adventures around Europe and a couple of Cosmo Blog Award nominations.  

Anyway to cut a long story short, Lottie's Little Kitchen is here to journal my adventures and guide both me and you through our kitchen adventures and keep us healthy, happy and in a good supply of brownies.

Love Lottie. xxxxxxx

Current edit: 18/07/14


  1. You are awesome

  2. This is a fantastic blog, really well done! We enjoy reading all of your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think your blog is brilliant. This is coming from someone who has never been a foodie and have always resented cooking. I've started cooking again recently and couldn't have stumbled upon a more perfect blog - full of nice meals on a budget that aren't difficult or time consuming, presented clearly enough so that even a nightmare in the kitchen such as myself can get it right! Keep up the good work.

    1. This comment made my day, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving it. I'm so glad you've got back into cooking and enjoy the posts - I hope you continue to do so for a long time! xx


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