Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hi friends! Hasn't March been busy? Packed with Easter, and Mother's Day and the start of Spring to boot. Here's what I've been up to over the past month. What have you been doing? 

Reading: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari and I loved it! It's a book that demands attention and your engagement, but it really is fascinating. If you're at all interested in the history and development of humans, then read this book.

Watching: 10 Cloverfield Lane - just a little bit terrifying, I nearly pinched Jack's nipple off at one point because it was just so intense. John Goodman is brilliant, I love him more with every film. Midnight Special - this was an Odeon Screen Unseen film. The idea is you buy a ticket for a fiver and go and see a secret film. It was syfy-ish, but cool to watch a genre of film we don't often go for. Song of the Sea - my goodness this film. It's my new favourite animated film by a mile. Just gorgeous, GORGEOUS animation, sweet characters and a magical storyline. It was nominated for an Oscar a couple of years ago and by jove it should've won (side note: apparently I say by jove now). House of Cards - this was a binge-watch. We watched the whole series in less than a week. I don't think it was quite as good as the last series, but it's still a whole load of Underwood goodness and I can't say no to that. Plus Masterchef - because well, John and Greg are mega babes.

Eating: Hot Cross Buns, Easter Eggs and a lot of falafel. It feels like Easter was an age ago now, but I'm still working through my Easter eggs. Poor effort, I know. I've also been working on a green, super herby falafel recipe that Jack and I are loving at the moment. We usually serve with mashed avocado, grated carrot, red cabbage and beetroot, halloumi, sumac yoghurt and spinach. It's pretty damn delish, I hope the recipe is coming to the blog soon.

Visiting: family! All over the shop. We've hardly been in London over the past month and have spent every weekend away from home. It's been so lovely to visit everyone and get in a load of cuddles, laughs and meals together, but we're looking forward to a quiet weekend in a couple of weeks.

Deciding: To get a Fitbit. We'd pondered on the idea for a while, but I'm naturally just a liiiittle bit thrifty. Then we saw my sister, who had just bought one and we were sold. And I'm so glad we got them. It's been brilliant to track how much exercise I'm doing a day and it's encouraging Jack and I to go outside and enjoy the lighter evenings with a run round the park or a game of tennis. If you're undecided, all can say is take the plunge!

Making: strides with my novel. I've been tooing and frowing with my protagonist, but I've finally decided on the direction I want to take her. Now just to dedicate some time to writing the thing.

Struggling: to make time for weekly blogging. I'm sorry! It's been a hectic, hectic month. I'm trying to get my blogging schedule under control and write more posts in advance. I have so many recipes I'm loving at the moment anw ant to share. I will get round to it. Promise, boo.

Trying: to perfect a nighttime routine. I've recently encorporated 10 minutes of yoga before bed time and a seriously dedicated moisterising routine (I've nearly run out of my Emma Hardie though, pray for me). It seems to be helping me get a better night sleep and I'm enjoyingthe methodical, calming process.

Wearing: Less layers! How gorgeous is this weather? However I've realised my Spring wardrobe is just my summer wardrobe with tights. I realise this is a ridiculous first world probelm, but I'm craving some light trousers, cute tops and some sassy sandals.

Loving: The lighter evenings. This means I take at least five photos on my walk home and annoy all the busy commuters trying to get places. Sorry, guys, I get distracted by all the pretty.

Wanting: a little more time at home. We're such home birds its strange to be out of our little nest so often. We're hoping this next month will be a little calmer. Now if all our friends and family could just move down the road, that would be fab.

Saying: Hi my name's Lottie and I'm a writing mentor. Yup, that's right. I'm training to be a writing mentor for a group in Hoxton. I'm super excited to be working with children again and diving into some creative writing sessions. Hurrah!

Have a great April guys!


  1. Love your post so cheerful, just like the beautiful sunshine we had todal. Really like the sound of the falafel will check the recipe once posted. Sounds like life has been hectic, I really hope it slows down for you. Sammie

    1. Thanks, Sammie :)

      The weather has been so beautiful, felt so lucky to enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. I absolutely loved this round up of your month, much love.xx

    1. Thank you :) Hope you have a lovely month! xx


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