Tuesday, 1 March 2016

How was your February? Hope it was a good'un. Ours has been super quick and has flown by, even with that extra little day tacked on the end. Here's what I've been up to... 

Reading: The Danish Girl - not sure if I'd recommend it. Like the film, I found it a bit obvious and a bit lacking. Am I alone, have I missed something? Pride and Prejudice (again) - the perfect weekend read and a great substitute for when I've exhausted Wuthering Heights, my all time fave classic. Dark Places - from Gillian Flynn author of Gone Girl, it's a good ol' read if you like a psychological thriller. Entertaining and has a twist - a twist I didn't agree with but a twist none the less.

Watching: Ooh it's been a busy month for film and we like to try and keep up. Spotlight - I'm so pleased this won the Oscar! It's a genuinely engaging film that explores such a bizarre, perverse part of our history. Mark Ruffalo is also a babe. Mad Max: Fury Road - we had to see this after it picked up so many award nominations and it is good. It doesn't really elaborate around the story or hand-hold, which I like and the costumes are just incredible. Trumbo - Ah this film! I love Bryan Cranston and the Red Fear was such an interesting time in America. It didn't dive really deep into the issues, but was a very entertaining and captivating film. Room - I know Brie Larson has been praised for her performance in this but Jacob Tremblay, who plays Jack, is genuinely astonishing. I'd be handing my Oscar to him. Deadpool - Marvel hits out another belter. Deadpool is their more grown-up superhero, or anti superhero in this case. Ryan Reynolds plays the part perfectly and pithily, it's everything Green Lantern isn't!

And on the television... The People vs. OJ Simpson. It's hotting up now isn't it? I do wonder if they've ultra-focused on the Kardashian name though. Sometimes the repetition of the name doesn't seem completely natural...

Eating: Jamie Oliver's Granola Dust nearly every morning mixed into my porridge, or in pancake batter or whizzed into smoothies. So good. Try! Slow Roasted Lamb - a weekend treat that we wrapped up in flat breads with red cabbage slaw and a load of other goodies. Brunch at Dirty Bones, wasn't mind-blowing, but would be great for a hangover cure. Pizza at Homeslice - now this was mind-blowing! Huge, huge pizzas make me a very happy camper. 26 Grains Granola at my company conference, which I would happily burrow into and live in forever.

Visiting: My extended family to have a natter and eat our way through too much food. The Imperial War Museum with Jack's Grandmother. Canary Wharf - what a shopping centre and so quiet! Unheard of in London I can tell ya. Plus we visited Everyman Cinema, more on that some other time. Birmingham - exotic I know, but that's where this year's Penguin Random House Conference was and it was all shades of awesome. Plus I got to use the hotel pool, gym, sauna and steam room AND eat my way through the breakfast buffet. So I had the best time ever. 

Deciding: To finally book our trip to India! I've been rattling on about visiting India for ages and now we have full time jobs we can finally afford to visit and see a part of the world I already know I love. We're visiting Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Ranthambore so if you have any recommendations please do leave them in the comments!

Making: Waffles. My parents gave us a waffle iron for Christmas and I've been perfecting my waffle game. I even wrote a waffle recipe for Wayfair

Struggling: To not be ill. Cheers crappy immune system, would be grand if you could work a little better.

Trying: To stay on track with my novel schedule. But then the sofa is just so darn appealing, I just have to fall on it. Haaalp.

Wearing: My button down denim skirt (which is now of course on sale). Everywhere. I need to get one in another colour. I feel like people might be thinking - is someone paying her to wear that skirt every day damn day? Nope, it's just super comfy and goes with all my roll-neck pretending-to-be-an-art-student tops.

Loving: Sunday afternoons spent playing games with Jack. Whether it's a board game or an Xbox game, it's such a nice way to chill out. Now I know why grownups love their weekends so much. It all makes sense!

Wanting: Some new clothes for Spring. I think I'm done with Winter now and would like to put freshly cut daffodils everywhere and freshen up my wardrobe.

Saying: 'True, true, perfectly true', whenever the opportunity arises. It's a quote from Harry Potter - ten points to Gryffindor if you know who says it... Ok I'm going to lock myself in a nerd dungeon now. Byeeeeee.

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