Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Waffles

Friday, 25 March 2016

Sup players, fancy some brunch?

I'm a real brunch convert. Holding out just a little longer on breakfast (although I have been known to have a pre-brunch-breakfast, which may or not defeat the point?) to go to town on a delicious pile of brunchy goodness is just the bomb diggity. Brownie points for mimosas and mac n cheese on the side. Y'see, breakfast is so often too functional (sup, slow release engery porridge) and lunch an afterthought (sandwich again? Maybe pasta?) but brunch - brunch is always a meal that demands to be delicious.

So yeah, you can see why I'm down for brunch. And as much as I love making my way into town and discovering a new delicious brunch spot, my bank balance is all hold up girl, your trainers are falling apart please stop buying brunch and go and get some new shoes. Real talk. So today, we're talking about making blow-your-socks-off delish brunch at home. Stuff of champions, thing of legend.

But this waffle recipe manages it. It's thick, fluffy and laced with sweet vanilla. Plus it's packing a punch of dark chocolate chips that say THAT'S RIGHT I'M EATING CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, WHAT OF IT? It's full of sass, full of flavour and makes sure that brunch at home is done right. Want to grab this recipe? I wrote all about it over on Wayfair's blog, so go and grab yourself the deets and get wafflin' this weekend.

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