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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Instagram of the week: This week my job took me to an event that celebrated 4 upcoming cookbooks and the cookery community more generally. There was so much brilliant food and the room was filled with inspiring people. Had me feeling lucky, lucky, lucky.

1. Jack and I have finally booked our trip to India! We'd been umming and ahhing about whether to visit the north or south of the country but we've finally decided to tour Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Ranthambore. If you've got any recommendations please shoot them my way!

2. How am I not on the smoothie bowl hype yet? They look so damn delicious.

3. I finished Dark Places and can confirm that I recommend it. If you liked Girl on the Train or Gone Girl of course, it will likely be up your street.

4. Want an excuse to eat lasagna? Don't we all. This Sweet Potato Potato Spinach recipe looks all sorts of awesome.

5. 8 cool instagram feeds. How adorable is Dean the Basset (!!)?

6. I'm always looking for new weekend pancake recipes and this Buttermilk + White Chocolate Dutch Baby looks like it's going to be my next project.

7. Why you need a personal website to get what you want. Interesting read, worth considering.

8. 3 things you should do once you wake up. Good, simple advice that I should follow more often. 

9. How to read a wine list like a pro. Ask for more than the house wine, kids!

10. Here's a recipe for a spaghetti pie, which I feel might be my spirit animal.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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