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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Instagram of the week: At Lumiere London 'Patience is Halfway to Happiness'.

1. I found Alan Rickman's passing really quite emotional this week. I think this article by Marc Burrows, especially the final paragraph, summarises why it was so very upsetting.

2. Do you read Hannah Gale's brilliant blog? She's a straight-talker who's full of sass and style and is a must-read for every young woman. I was particularly inspired by her honesty and openness in this post.

3. Meal prepping makes me really very happy. If it makes you happy too, you should read Tracy's post.

4. I want to try making a cake like this blood orange, almond and ricotta cake. I think orange slices make understated but utterly beautiful cake decorations.

5. Oscar nominations are out! My thoughts in brief: Bridge of Spies was a lukewarm film and it's only reason for nominations are thanks to the name of its director. Alicia Vikander, who performed in a leading role just as well if not better than Eddie Redmayne in the Danish Girl, was robbed of a Best Actress in a leading role nomination. I also resent all the nominations The Revenant has received because now I feel I have to see it. And it just looks so very uncomfortable. Bah. That wasn't so brief, sorry.

6. This recipe for Chickpea Shawarma Stuffed Pitas is all I want to eat for lunch this week.

7. Jack and I went to Zara Home this weekend and bagged the most delicious throw EVER. It's huge and silky and quite heavy so makes our bed dangerously comfortable. They actually have a sale on at the moment if you fancy a browse...

8. Another weekly menu plan. I LIKE MENU PLANS OK?

9. Did you watch Derren Brown's Pushed to the Edge this week? Well worth catching up with. His programmes always fascinate me.

10. Please can I have an Olympus Pen now?

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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