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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Lots of people ask me if it feels different - living in London.

A lot of the time I'm like, um nah. A lot of my fun time is still mainly made up of binging on Netflix, trying to find the perfect pizza dough recipe and writing in my pjs (introvert activities, holla!), but now I'm just super poor whilst doing so - hey there London rent, would you mind jogging along now?

But sometimes, on my walk to work (on my walk to my NEW SHINY JOB, by the way) I feel like I live in a city. There's one particular road that isn't remarkable in any way. It's normally lined with buses and school children on my walk to work, but it feels big. It feels metropolitan and urban and a little bit unclean. That's when living in London feels different. On those unremarkable streets that aren't full of tourists. Those streets that are busy with people living, rather than people touristing.  

On the topic (kinda) of the new shiny job, I didn't know if should share it with you. We so often talk about brownies and jolly fun times I wasn't sure if you wanted to hear about my day-to-day too. My real life as opposed to my blog life, I guess. If you are interested I've just started working for Penguin Random House (YES, PRH!!) in the digital team. I'm writing about food so I'm pretty much living the blummin' dream. I feel so excited there. It's a better place for me and a better fit. But that's another day-to-day story that I won't go on about.

BECAUSE this post was supposed to be about Jack and I's most recent adventures around London. We've decided that January will be a frugal month - I say decided, it wasn't a choice we had a whole load of say in. Cheers, Christmas. So we've been mostly going for long walks, breaking in our new colouring books and watching Making a Murderer. Which, by the way, I'm so pleased we've finished because EVERYONE is talking about it.

Some of the photos above are from an excursion to central and some from a trip to Hampstead. I took my DSLR along on both occasions as I'm trying to practise with my new lens. It's a fixed lens (I think that's what it's called, but I can count on my Mum to text me after she's read this if it's not), which is surprisingly different. Challenging, but rewarding.

Central is always fun but I particularly loved our afternoon in Hampstead. We wandered through Hampstead Heath where everyone in London and their dog (literally) are trying to grab lungfuls of fresh air. It was pretty damn lovely to be surrounded by trees and dogs and MUD for the afternoon. Central London has a distinct lack of mud in my opinion.

We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate and the largest red velvet brownies you've ever seen (yes, I know we were supposed to be having a frugal month but I'm WEAK for brownies). We were both ravenous by that point so had one each, but predictably Jack finished mine off. I haven't really got much of a sweet tooth anymore. Beware kids, that's what cutting down on sugar will get ya. Devastating. But I can still handle nutella from the jar so I'm surviving.

I think I'm going to end this blog post here, because it feels like I've rambled for quite long enough. Do you remember those old Boursin adverts that ended in 'FIN'? My friend and I used to laugh at them endlessly, I'm not entirely sure why. But that's how I seemed to have ended this post.



  1. Fixed is the word, lovely arty photos and loved reading your blog today, well every time but especially today. x

  2. Wow, that job sounds amazing! I hope that it makes you happy :)

    London has never much appealed to me, but I think that even I could get on board with strolls on Hampstead Heath and big, gooey brownies to finish.

    1. Thanks, Amy.
      It's a funny city like that, but the brownies do help! x

  3. Congrats on the job, Lottie! It sounds awesome. And it's lovely to hear you're enjoying London life :) x


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