Celebrating 2016

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Oh we've had such a jolly weekend.

Jolly, busy and oh so giggly. We'll start at the beginning - on Thursday, with Josie and Liam coming to visit us in London for New Year's Eve. We ate cheese, went to watch Star Wars (the second time for Jack and I...), ate a load of curry, played ALL the games, took selfies, watched fireworks and had a sleepover. There was also copious amounts of alcohol involved, too much for four people, but just about enough for a NYE celebration, I reckon.

It started so well, with enough carbohydrates to sink a battle ship. Or two hungry visitors in this case.

But some hours later, the first selfie of 2016 reflects our steady journey downhill into giddy craziness.

Some play beer pong, we play prosecco pong. 

After a night full of laughter, we enjoyed a lie in followed by a round of waffles and a butt-kicking session in the gym. Then we were clean and presentable, the four of us headed back to my parents in the countryside. There we were reunited with the whole crew and we enjoyed dinner, drinks and desserts followed by some fierce game playing. Satsumas were eaten by the bucket load and the last of the Quality Street were shared out.

After chattering late into the evening, we were treated to another lie in on January 2nd. After a yawn and a stretch, it was high time for a walk. 

Had you spotted Jack and I were wearing matching trousers? That's in-sync for ya.

It's always such a treat to meander along with my favourite folk, talking about the past, the present and the possibilities of the future. 

Speaking of treats - one little pup was even treated to a hose off in the garden after some of his favourite mucky puddle antics...

Finally we all fell back into my parents house, de-wellied and sat down to homemade soup with hunks of addictive sourdough bread. We enjoyed a final round of desserts, cheese and a little wine together and then feeling full to the brim of food and happiness, made our way back to London. Welcome to the world, 2016. You're off to a cracker.  

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