Skating at the Natural History Museum

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

I can't get enough of Christmas traditions. Whether it's watching back-to-back Lord of the Rings movies with Jack (I'm so unsure as to why this is one of our Christmas traditions...), slowly steeping my favourite sloe gin or slipping around on the ice in London with my sister Josie and her lovely fella', Liam. I just can't get enough.

Even if it's 16c (thanks for that, weather...) ice skating makes me feel ever so Christmassy. And the Natural History Museum is the perfect location to strap on a pair of skates and hum, a little too loudly, it's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaar. The rink can get crowded, but the location is just beautiful and the lights are some of the twinkliest I've ever seen. This is our second year skating with Josie and Liam, they are far more accomplished than Jack and I are on the ice, but we like to take our time and enjoy the view, ya know... ;)

Our day started off with lunch, and a cheesy lunch at that.

I needed to share my cheeseboard with you, because I'm embarrassingly proud of it. I need to find an excuse to eat cheese for every meal so I can keep practicing. Apparently it's delicious isn't enough of an excuse to whip out a Camembert for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who knows why.

Anyway, onto ice skating! The decorations at the Natural History Museum are just so very twinkly. Like a moth to a flame, my camera and I gravitated...

Then we slipped onto the ice, looking a little slippy under the warmer temperatures!

Josie and Liam glided out like a couple of pros, looking lovely whilst doing so.

Jack and I eased ourselves in with a couple of laps and then stopped for a photograph or two.

Look at us! We're standing! That's right. Competence.

I had such fun looking over our day together, I just had to pull out some of my favourites from last year I didn't get around to posting.

These two!

They do make us laugh.

Anyway, after our skating capers were done and dusted (along with a tipple for the road), we whizzed across to central to ooh and aww at the lights. Then we headed back to ours for some more food, some more fun and a few more tipples to boot! Ding dong merrily on high...

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