2016 Christmas Wishlist

Friday, 11 December 2015

2016 Christmas Wishlist

Ooh it's that time of year again, and my oh my do I enjoying pulling together these little gift wishlists. Last year I did a guide for him and for her, but this wishlist is based on all the lovely things I would be tickled pink to turn up in my stocking. Now I've named this post 'wishlist' rather than 'gift guide', because if anyone actually did give me all of the above I'd be saying WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, this is far too much. But, at Christmas I like to daydream. So here's my dream stocking...

Oh my word - have you seen this? It's the most beautiful book I've ever seen. The illustrations, unlike the films, tally with my imaginings of the Harry Potter world. It's a must for any book or Potter fan. Every time I go into Waterstones I give it a little stroke. Yeah, I'm weird. Let's not talk about it. 

I have to say, I love myself a hat. Also, I sometimes I like to pretend I'm in Downton Abbey and I know this hat would be the perfect addition to such make-believe. How adorable. How chic. How INSTAGRAMMABLE.

Sigh - isn't this just beautiful? Each handmade, unique little bee is sterling silver little bees plated in 24 carat gold. Silver May describes these little treasures as follows, and melts my heart - By all accounts a honey bee is a physical impossibility. Its body is far too big for its wings and it shouldn’t be able to fly... but it does. Wear yours to remind yourself to 'bee strong' and 'bee happy'!

One day, my friend. One day we'll be together. 

I've long admired the work of the talented Amy Hamilton. She has such a beautiful style of painting and her interest in woodland creatures absolutely captures me. I'd love this bear print hanging in my living room. Perhaps along with a wolf, owl and deer print of Amy's too...

I love yoga. I don't love using a motley crew of pillows and blankets as my Heath Robinson yoga mat. One day I'd like to be a grownup and have my very own yoga mat. And maybe a 5-five-plan, too.

Have you ever seen such a marvellous jumper? Nope, me neither. As a prosecco fan, I could wear this all year round, right?

Whoever says they don't like socks for Christmas are fools. Who couldn't love these socks? I imagine these socks feel like wearing clouds on your feet. Clouds that have been blow-dried. And put on the radiator for extra cosy points.

Yet another wish to be a real grownup. There's something about owning nice bed linen that says, that's right folks, I have an ISA and a penchant for candles (AKA grown up).

I mean who wouldn't want this? Nobody.

One of the best things about fresh starts? Fresh stationary. And this print is one of my favourites.

Man oh man would I love a yellow mac. Joules is one of my favourite bumpkin brands, and this colour is just adorable. I'm pretty sure I'll have to gift this jacket to myself this year. My will is weak.

And that's a wrap! Happy giving folks.

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