Date Night Dinner with Simply Cook*

Saturday, 7 November 2015

When the weekend rocks around Jack and I are always super excited. Partly because the weekend means we get to lie in together (something we're Olympic-level good at), but mostly because the weekend is a time for us to really take time over the meals that we eat. Weekday meals for me are all about how quickly I can throw something together that's that's still healthy and bonkers delish (no biggie, right?). They're not about making cannelloni. Something that I learned recently is not a week-night friendly meal - hello 9.30pm dinner. 
Tangent. Anyway, so on the weekend we love to take our time and indulge in a little treat yo' self time. Whether that's moseying out for brunch, picking up a cut of our favourite meat or just grabbing that perfect bottle of wine. It's all about the weekend wind down. It's all about enjoying the very best dishes. 
So when Simply Cook, a company who create ingredient blends from spice rubs to oils to pastes, got in touch and said would I like to test out their kits I didn't hesitate. I checked out their recipes and knew that they'd make great additions to our weekend date night dinners.   

Their concept is simple - to get Britain cooking. To expand the nation's repertoire of dishes without demanding us to stay in the kitchen for hours. In fact every meal is designed to be made in about 20 minutes. Nifty eh? They send you over a monthly box with four meals and each meal has three different blends.
I have to say to start with, I was dubious. I like to say I'm a fairly adventurous cook and not afraid to dabble in other cuisines, what could Simply Cook show me? I've also never been particularly attracted to meal boxes, I mean what if you didn't fancy it that week? Then what? Scuppered. But I was so, so pleasantly surprised by Simply Cook. Each box is packed with meals from different cuisines and each meal features a variation of blends, and it's already expanding my horizons in the kitchen. And if I haven't got time to cook a Simply Cook recipe one week, the ingredients won't go out of date for a good long while, so no pressure!

So the nitty gritty - are they any good? Yes. Honestly, totally yes. Anisa, Simply Cook's chef and one of the most lovely people I've worked with, has outdone herself with a varied and delicious range of blends. And her recipes are a doddle to follow! I've already given away all my recommend a friend tokens and wish I had a bunch more to hand out. If you're a fan of eating widely and well then you'll love this. You've got to try.

And I'd love you to give it a go! Simply Cook have kindly offered all Lottie's Kitchen readers to try their first box for just £1 by entering 'LOTTIE' at the check out.

So do let me know if you give me a go - and of course tag me in any of your humble brag dinner instagrams @LDHucks. I so want to dribble all over my iPhone! 

Thank you to Simply Cook for supporting Lottie's Kitchen and supplying me with some of the best spice blends I've ever tasted.

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