Afternoon Tea with Bonne Maman*

Monday, 5 October 2015

'Sit down my friend and talk with me, let's share our thoughts over a cup of tea'.

I have a magnet on my microwave featuring the quote above, and I have to say there is no nicer way to enjoy a cup of tea than over a cake or two and with a friend. I'm all about making run-of-the-mill tea drinking into an experience, into an occasion. Why not? Tea's great. 

And yes, you could go to a fancy hotel or out to a cafe and enjoy your tea there, but personally I like my afternoon tea accompanied with laid-back chats on the sofa and slipper socks. All kinds of posh, eh...? Well luckily for me, the cakes and biscuit range at Bonne Maman brings sophisticated to the sofa. So I can invite a friend over for tea, whip out these goodies and suddenly our cosy catch up has a whole new feeling of cool.

So happily, Bonne Maman kindly sent me over a bagful of goodies to get my afternoon tea underway.* They sent over Madeleines - both traditional and covered in chocolate (!!), lemon tartlets and darling miniature fruit cakes. Then all I had to do was rummage around for my tea pot and the milk jug.

I opted for my two favourite mugs and steaming pot of Earl Grey. I'm teetering on opening my box of Chai tea, but I feel it's not quite Autumnal enough yet.

I piled my Bonne Maman treats high on a cake stand for extra fancy points.

And started to pour!

I always find the pouring of tea strangely relaxing.

And yes, I'm one of those heathens that puts the milk in second...

Now time to tuck in to our veritable feast! I made a beeline for the chocolate covered madeleines. They were light, moist and delicate. Everything a madeleine should be. Plus covered in chocolate, so... win.

Another favourite were the lemon tartlets. Partly because jam tarts of any description always remind me of happy evenings spent at my Grandparents' house. My sister and I would always be delighted if a plate of jam tarts was put on the table after dinner. If I remember correctly, Josie always loved the lemon. I'm more of a blackcurrant gal.

Sweet-tooths (sweet-teeth?) satisfied, it was finally time to exchange the low-downs on life. Whilst refilling the teapot several times, of course.
What's your favourite way to do afternoon tea? Are you an team Earl Grey, too?

Thank you to Bonne Maman for supporting Lottie's Kitchen, and keeping me in a good supply of French delights :)

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  1. Looks lovely! What a very nice saying on your fridge magnet too.


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