A Morning at Maltby Street Market

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

We've started to put down roots.

We've sampled our way through Borough market, roamed around the Tate and taken all the selfies along the South Bank. We've well and truly touristed our way around our local area. But now, dare I say it, we're becoming Londoners and venturing off the beaten track and towards hidden gems that are favourites among the locals.

So in the spirit of exploring more Londoner favourites we headed to our local Maltby Street Market, recommended to both of us by veteran Londoners. The market is contained but bustling with life. Blissfully pedestrian compared to Borough Market, you can wander without being shoved or shuffled along. There's enough time to chat to vendors and stall-keepers, who will happily and passionately natter about their produce and story. They'll also make sure you're all set for snacks, snifters and testers as they share samples of their produce.

Unlike most markets, which can be hit and miss stall-to-stall, each stall is full of beautiful, artisan products. I could easily spend my paycheck there, especially on Little Bird gin and monster-sized brownies - utterly delicious. We were so enchanted with Maltby Street and with a little chill in the air we couldn't help doing a little window-shopping for potential Christmas presents. I'm sure we'll be back before the month is out, if not only for a gin and a ferrero rocher brownie. And yes, day time gin is totally acceptable on a Saturday.

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