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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Instagram of the week: Reminiscing over our little Welsh haven. And coveting that adorable doormat.

1. Vietnamese iced coffee iced cream. For weekends and forever.

2. GBBO is back! It's likely I will mention it every week cause I just can't get enough of Mary Berry. I particularly love it when she makes this face.

3. Small home updates anyone can do. Succulents! Succulents for days.

4. Fancy trying your hand at freelancing? Here are some helpful tips on what editors look for in their freelancers.

5. I love the idea of running. I hate the actualities. But if I'm ever inclined to take it up I think I'll find this useful - how beginner runners can build endurance.

6. The best movies of 2015 (so far), apparently. I need to get my act together - I've hardly seen any!

7. Love foot portrait on instagram? You'll appreciate this article.

8. I'm rubbish at doing my own hair, so will take all the tips I can get. 7 ways to get the ultimate pinterest hair.

9. 30+ recipes to reduce kitchen waste. All about maximising those resources guys. And saving pennies to boot!

10. Laura's Book of Brave is wonderful. Just download it, download it now.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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