Summer Bucket List 2015

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Summertime. Those few magical months where playtime seems a bit more possible. More options are open for frivolity and the longer days mean more time to play. Each summer I like to make a bucket list to keep my hopes for the warmer months on track. So here's a little collection of 15 things I want to do this summer. Do you fancy any of these, too?

1. Unearth my watercolours and spend some time unwinding, creating and making a huge mess.

2. Visit an outdoor swimming pool with a picnic blanket and a hamper of goodies - perhaps (read: definitely) including a chilled bottle of prosecco.

3. Have a BBQ. Halloumi, salmon and marshmallows must feature. Although not in conjunction, of course.

4. Take Jack rock climbing. And if he loves it as much as I do, take it up as a new hobby together.

5. Work on my tennis serve. *Hums Wimbledon theme music and purchases sweat bands*

6. Go to the beach. Dip my toes in the sea. Slather sunscreen on my face. Get sand EVERYWHERE.

7. Take up daily yoga and stick at it.

8. Find and make a wonderful sorbet. I like the look of this Watermelon Sorbet and this slightly naughtier Raspberry Mojito Sorbet.

9. Attend a food festival and eat ALL of the samples. All of them.

10. Geocache my way around Loughborough before we leave. Have you geocached? I'm hooked.

11. Fly kites! And sing let's go fly a kite... Obviously.

12. Watch some live music. With a pimms cup and boho flower chain.

13. Visit the IMAX and watch a film in 3D. I wouldn't say no to Jurassic Park again to see Chris Pratt in 3D... 

14. Picnic in the park. Again a bottle of prosecco wouldn't go amiss and a flask of Earl Grey for the afternoon accompanied by my favourite banana cake would be just lovely.

15. Get a Loughborough sign picture (it's a right of passage around these parts) with Jack to round off our time at Loughborough. This summer is my last of living here, and boy, am I gonna' make it a good'un.


  1. This is excellent. Number 9 is one of my all-time fave activities HA! Have a wonderful summer, Lottie! x

    1. Thanks, lovely!
      I hope your summer is full of wonder too. Wimbledon looked awesome and your traveling plans sound like the blummin' bomb diggity. xxx


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