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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Instagram of the week: What a treat! My lovely friend and I skipped along to see Matilda this week. It was such great fun and we jazz-handed our way through the whole performance.

1. My sister and her lovely boyfriend, Liam came to visit this weekend. We had such a wonderful time and a whole plethora of adventures, including my being introduced to Geocache. Have you heard of it? Do you geocache yourself? I'm addicted after one day... Such fun!

2. This slow cooker pulled pork looks INSANE.

3. Isn't this weather wonderful? I'm craving iced earl grey tea to accompany these hazy days and love the look of this recipe.

4. Here's a list of words you've been saying wrong.

5. No churn ice creams are the way forward for those without ice cream makers. These 5 recipes sound divine, especially the blackberry lavender.

6. Fancy a little food photography? These tips on food photography are a great place to jump off from.

7. I tried Nandos quinoa salad this week with extra halloumi. And my word! Delish. Totally worth an order and it made quite the delightful change from chicken.

8. Jack and I played tennis doubles with Josie and Liam this weekend. It was such a laugh to play together and I've missed playing sport outside in the warm air. I'm looking forward to more.

9. Taza's guide to urban living is super helpful.

10. Can we just have a moment of appreciation for Jurassic World (and Chris Pratt's arms...)? I mean C'MON what a good film. And I love this article on why zoo keepers love Chris Pratt.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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