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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Instagram of the week: We were treated to a little bit of summer weather this week! I celebrated with the most delicious frozen mango and raspberry smoothie and yoga on the patio.

1. This week has been all walking + writing + clearing out. It's been good to have a deep-clean and a refocus. 

2. These Raspberry-Almond Cookie Bars make me want to dribble everywhere. Everywhere!

3. I'm always interested to see what recipes are most popular on blogs, A Cup of Jo's 12 Favorite Recipes all look utterly drool-worthy. Especially that grown-up grilled cheese - oof!

4. 5 podcasts for bloggers, designers and creatives. I'm looking for some new listening for walking, I'm certainly going to be trying out a few of these.

5. Rosie's Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Spelt cookies looked so wonderful I couldn't help whipping up a batch this week. And I can confirm - they were delicious!

6. 28 people on the most life-changing thing they did in their 20s.

7. I would really like to cut my hair like this. Or just to look like RHW, please. Either/or.

8. This Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake looks like a real summer crowd-pleaser. Not to mention a gorgeous addition to any table!

9. Will I ever get over my obsession with chickpeas? Probably not. I could happily scoff handfuls of these Baked Rosemary Parmesan Chickpeas.

10. Edible gummy legos. I have a feeling Jack would go crazy for these.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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