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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Instagram of the week: Sweet wildflowers that brighten my walk to university.

1. Hurrah for Ireland!

2. 10 easy diy makeovers with major wow factor. I love the idea of matching thrifted pieces with a pop of colour. So simple yet gorgeous!

3. Ok, so can I have a slice of Rosie's Lemon and Thyme bundt cake, please?

4. Jack and I skipped along to see Pitch Perfect 2 (in truth, I did most of the skipping...) and I loved it! A real feel-good film and if you love a capella it's a must. Also Anna Kendrick is just lovely.

5. Peanut butter oatmeal cookie granola. I REPEAT - PEANUT BUTTER GRANOLA (!!!)

6. What's your personality? Try this mini Myer-Briggs personality test. I always love this kind of stuff for a little distraction and am surprised how accurate the results are!

7. Naomi's collection of Eleanorisms and Samsonisms always make me smile. I hope this little lot puts a smile on your face today.

8. 6 smart questions to ask during your next job interview. You go get 'em, tiger.

9. Freya's post on how to make chai tea is deliciously mesmerising! And what an adorable milk bottle!

10. 21 amazing travel experiences to have before you die. I don't know about you, but Summer brings on a serious case of wanderlust for me.

Have a happy (long!) weekend, friends! x

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