Spring Sundays

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's incredibly rare for Jack and I to spend a Sunday together. We've both worked weekends for most of our time at university and while it has its upsides (hello money for shoes + random Tuesday lie-ins!) there is something special about spending a Sunday together. So when a free Sunday popped up in our diaries for the first time in aaaaaaages we earmarked it for strictly snoozy Sunday activities. Y'know - strolling, sipping tea and stopping to smell (read: instagram) the blossom. The way all Sundays should be.

Sometimes I get the feeling Jack doesn't take my incessant urge to document every aspect of our life seriously...

But anyway! These two jolly weekend bears wandered into town. 

We made time to look up at the beautiful blue sky.

And I made time for a blossom photograph...

... or two!

First up on our lazy Sunday agenda was a stop at Costa for some window-shopping fuel. 

The lovely people over at Costa had invited me to have a gander at their Easter range and you know me - I couldn't resist.* And I have to say - this particular number had my inner child tickled pink! 

Coupled with a slightly more grown-up pot of Earl Grey, it made quite the delightful treat!

One happy sipper!

Jack opted for the more summery option, plumping for a tall, icy Raspberry and White Chocolate Cooler.

And coupled his choice with the ever so naughty giant teacake. I want to suck the marshmallow right out of this picture!

We whiled away the best part of an hour chatting before I persuaded Jack to peruse Waterstones with me. A little window-shopping for books is my favourite way to spend an afternoon. I've got so many on my to-read list at the moment - what are you currently enjoying?

After our fill of window-shopping, which included me smelling ALL the yankee candles I could lay my hands on and a little competitive Mario Kart race in GAME (I won...!) we headed to the park. 

Spring Sundays make me want to burst into song. Elbow's One Day Like This would do nicely, I think.

We stopped to admire the blossom. And I demonstrated why I could never be a fashion blogger. Sadly my concentration face includes a cheeky tongue (right hand photo). Not so cute. 

The boy on the other hand, has this whole posing this DOWN.

 We're just a little silly.

After attracting some questioning stares from other park-goers we meandered on a towards home. Green buds promise Summer and that makes my heart sing.

The rest of our Sunday was spent on the couch watching films. We tried out Godzilla and now frequently shout GO-ZILLA GO-ZILLA to each other at random moments. I like to think the rest of the sane community do this too.  

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