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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Instagram of the week: A sunny Saturday spent at the Copperbox.

1. Hello beautiful Spring-ish weather! How gorgeous have these past days been? I'm so hopeful Spring is just around the corner.

2. How many colours can you see? I counted 35. My conclusion: eyes are weird.

3. Want to know the number 1 song on the day of your birth? Mine was Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. What a cracker.

4. These photos were all taken on iPhones. Amazing. I need to upgrade.

5. Are you watching Cucumber? I'm still not over last weeks episode but am loving the writing. Russell T. Davies - you the man!

6. I'm so intrigued by beetroot chips. These look GOOD.

7. I've just started reading The Lives of Others by Neel Mukherjee. It has promise and I'm excited to read on. Anyone else read it?

8. 15 lazy people hacks. I'm totally guilty of number 5.

9. I've been testing a cookie recipe last week. Whilst the results aren't quite there yet, it's never a bad thing to eat raw cookie dough straight out of the bowl.

10. Did you see these skeletons kiss, dance and hug? It was an adorable little lesson about love.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

1 comment:

  1. I am so, so happy the spring weather seems to be on its way. The blue skies, flowers and ever so slightly warmer weather are making my heart sing!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers



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