Lottie Loves: 61

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Instagram of the week: The most delicious peanut butter birthday cake handmade by Jack.

1. I celebrated my birthday this week. I had a wonderful time at my family home with a selection of my very favourite people and ate an extortionate amount of cake.

2. Rosie's dark chocolate-dipped lemon shortbread looks delicious. Perfect for afternoon tea.

3. 10 times gold spray paint made everything better.

4. 20 things people who love to eat know to be true. I relate to pretty much every point.

5. Rachel's veggie-fried quinoa looks insanely good, not to mention happily healthy!

6. Kim Sears has sass. What a lady.

7. I saw Ex Machina this week. It was excellently paced with cracking actors. Worth watching.

8. A ball pit for adults has opened in London. Stop what you're doing and get ready to play.

9. The Evolution of Diet. Interesting reading.

10. 12 film posters and the titles they should have had. I chortled on more than one occasion.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x


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