Blueberry Pancakes

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I've seen a lot of blogs this week suggesting what to cook/bake/create for Valentines Day. These are wonderful blogs and the recipes are utterly delightful but I just have one question. Who CARES about Valentines when there is another day in February dedicated specifically to eating pancakes? A whole day for pancakes! Love and the like is all well and good, but a day for pancakes is on another level.
Consequently, rather than love heart cookies or killer brownies I am bringing you the fluffiest, juiciest, most delicious blueberry pancakes. They are just begging to be smothered in maple syrup or honey, topped with bacon and devoured. And I bet if you served these bad boys up to your valentine, they'd be getting down on one knee, anyway.
There is little else to say besides they're flippin' awesome (that's a pancake pun you can take to the bank) and you should get cooking asap.

For Blueberry Pancakes you will need (makes 16 small-medium pancakes):

140g plain flour
1tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 large egg
150ml milk
2 tbsp melted butter (allowed to cool slightly)
100g frozen blueberries

To serve:
Honey/Maple Syrup/Golden Syrup

Begin by sifting the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt together in a bowl.
Then in a separate jug mix together the melted butter (allowed to cool slightly so it doesn't scramble the egg), milk, vanilla extract and egg. Beat together.
Then add the wet mix into the flour mix and beat with a fork.

Keep going until smooth and you have a soupy consistency. If the batter is a little stiff, add a splash more milk.
Now put a pan onto a medium heat and add a little vegetable oil. Don't be tempted to put the pan on a high heat as by your third of fourth pancake, they will start to burn. 

Ladle batter into small circles and sprinkle over a few blueberries.
I use frozen blueberries in this recipe as in general, you get more bang for your buck. So go ahead and load those little cakes up! 

Once bubbles appear on the pancakes - flip 'em! Try getting creative with your flipping if you're feeling adventurous. 

To get those lovely blueberries to ooze some juices, press down on the back of the pancakes until you hear them sizzle.

Keep going until you're out of batter and then stack 'em high.
Add the topping of your choice. 

For breakfast, I opted for a small vat of honey.
And then watched it drip, drip, drip. 

 Dive in, fork first!

Happy Pancake Month to you!


  1. These look really delicious, I like the small pancakes and adding the blueberries when you are cooking is new to me. Thanks for this recipe, looking forward to trying.

  2. Looks yummy, bet my grandchildren will like these. This is the second food blog I've read this morning; now I'm starving!

  3. Valentine and pancake day combined, sounds like a good plan.


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