2014: A Roundup

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

As I type, there are only eight and a half hours until 2015. Only eight and a half until a brand new year sweeps in, wiping slates clean, prompting gym trips and the excessive consumption of kale. And whilst I can't wait to slip on my dancing shoes and my wine hat (an imaginary one, unfortunately...) and welcome in the new year, I think there is just enough time to recap on, with my favourite posts from each month, what has been a fairly lovely year at LLK.

January - January Salad
Imaginative name, bad photography, cracking salad.
Starting off the year by talking about balance and eating spinach and bacon. I have to say, it was a rather good way to begin.  

February - What to Eat in Brussels
This has been one of my most popular posts. My pastry-gobbling face didn't put you all off, it seems. J and I spent some time eating our way through Brussels for my birthday and have since had itchy feet to explore more of this world of ours. And whilst we're busy completing degrees and the like, we're always window shopping for adventures. 

March - Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
J described these cookies as the best I have ever made. High praise from a man spoiled on cookies, I can tell you. We loved them so much, they made their way into the gift hampers we made for Christmas this year. A real crowd pleaser, and dare I say better than Millie's...

April - Hot Cross Bun Pull Apart Bread
The obsession continues, folks. I think all holidays should be celebrated with pull apart bread, but the Easter flavours of orange and spice work especially well. I'm sure another pull apart bread is in our future. I'm thinking Nutella and raspberry... 

May - Browned Butter Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats
A trusty Joy the Baker recipe that was polished off in less than a day at LLK HQ. Made to celebrate the opening of the Cosmo Blog Awards that allows bloggers a platform to share all of their hard work. This is a (kind of) grownup take on a children's classic, which totally excuses anyone to have at least 5 chunks. JtB forever! 

June: Asparagus and Red Pepper Rice
When putting together this roundup, I wondered if anything remotely healthy would feature. Thankfully this rice is both delicious and good for you. Using up seasonal veg and zapping it with lemon and fresh mint. While the asparagus was in season, I made this dish every week without fail.

July: Graduation!
Oh my word! I only went and graduated this year. I proudly achieved my degree in July and then went on to enroll in my Masters degree in the Autumn, it was a crazy time! My graduation day was a pretty special highlight as I got to spend it with all my favourite people below (plus J!) and we spent the day grinning and giggling. Jolly.

August: No-churn Raspberry and Lemon Ice Cream
Back in the kitchen and I was making the most of the gorgeous, long summer we were treated to. This recipe is particularly special to me as I started to work on my photography more as I fell in love with blogging all over again. It's a wild up-and-down journey. 

September: A Day in Valencia (and other Spanish escapades).
J and I spent the last of our vastly long summer interrailing around Spain. We hit Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. We threw tomatoes at each other during the manic Tomatina festival, fell in love with Catalan history and learned salsa on a rooftop in Madrid. J puts up with my obsessive itineraries and he reminds me to relax. We had a cracking time.

October: One Pot Pasta
This is perhaps one of the shortest recipes I've ever posted but it had such an enthusiastic response! I don't think many people can resist a pot of pasta bursting with plump tomatoes and sprigs of fresh basil. I certainly can't. This has become one of my late-summer staples and a firm favourite.

November: Mulled Apple and Ginger Rum
This recipe was created in the proudest of partnerships with Waitrose Cellar. I really enjoyed the task of creating something worthy of their association and photographing the whole venture. This recipe also reminds me of happy times spent in Barbados. Not to mention, the rum is damn good, too!

December: Boozy Rough Puff Mince Pies 
A trusty classic ramped up with a good slug of rum and buttery, flaky pastry. Certainly a worthy December favourite, don't you think?

I hope you've enjoyed the 2014 ride and will come along for next year's adventures, too. x

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