Lottie Loves: 51

Friday, 14 November 2014

Instagram of the week: The weather just can't make up it's mind, hey? I'm loving looking up to see the green leaves still clinging to the end of mostly bare branches. Such a strange sight. 

1. Christina Bianco does Different Divas Sing Let it Go. Talented gal! Also will that song ever get old...?

2. TRUE DETECTIVE (!!!) I've finally got around to watching this. And oh my is does not disappoint. I'm trying not to binge watch, but uh! So good.

3. More Christmas advert love. This week's favourites include Tesco with it's fab music and Sky Movies with it's fantastic animation.

4. J and I have been getting back into playing squash and I'm really enjoying it. I love throwing myself around the court for a good hour, practically bouncing off the walls.

5. I love Freya's post on married life. Beautifully written.

6. I made my favourite banana bread this week. I'm going to send the recipe your way very soon, it's the most comforting loaf ever! Oh and the smell of baking banana bread should definitely be made into a candle, delish!

7. Speaking of candles, our Cinnamon Sticks Yankee is finally burning! It's our favourite winter scent and puts in me such a festive mood. If you'd like to grab yourself a Yankee, check out eBay for some bargains.

8. 12 data maps that sum up London. These are weird and kinda addictive to look at.

9. I was really proud to be working with Waitrose this week. Thank you for your kind words on the post, I wish I could personally make you all mulled rum!

10. Carlton dancing to Turn Down For What. This is the best thing on the internet this week (sorry, Kim K).

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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  1. Enjoyed your Lottie Loves today, we were rather hoping you would be personally making us some of your Mulled Rum! Love the smell of Banana Bread when its cooking too, delicious.x


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