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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Instagram of the week: Happy Halloween! This year we went for traditional Jack O'Lanterns. Meet pumpkin pals, Smiley and Jolly. 

1. J and I spent our Halloween night watching awfully cheesy horror films and eating pizza. Whilst that meant I didn't contribute to the sale of coloured contact lenses this year, it was pretty delightful!

2. Awesome idioms from around the world. I particularly like, 'not my circus, not my monkeys'.

3. 13 things you didn't know about Benedict Cumberbatch (but definitely need to). This is worth it just for the Alan Rickman impression.

4. Harry Potter Hotel. I can't decide if this is wonderful or awful? I'm leaning toward wonderful.

5. Traveling this winter? How to shop for souvenirs like a local.

6. This week I've been learning more about knitting and my lovely friend Kate has been teaching me. We spent such a lovely afternoon together chatting, drinking tea and creating knitted goods.

7. Five best writers sheds in pictures. How I'd love a writers shed, I've got my eye on Philip Pullman's.

8. This week I've been smothering my Nan's homemade blackcurrant jam on everything (edible, of course). It's the most delicious thing to have on toast, ever.

10. Daniel Radcliffe! You're a boy wizard AND a rap star?!

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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