A Weekend at Home via Instragram

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

There are some weekends where I instagram a bucket load more than others. This weekend was one of those picture heavy wonders, where everything is deserving of a filter and a hashtag or two.
Once I'd finished my day at university I loaded up my little car and made my way down the M1.
As soon as I arrived back at my parents' house I grabbed my two bundles of fluff and gave them the biggest squeeze! I wish I could take them both back with me. I miss their fuzzy little faces, even when I get unasked for kisses... We're looking at you Archie. 

Friday night was all about catching up, family dinner and I'm a Celebrity watching. Then I was up early Saturday morning to work on a new blog post with Mum. It's coming your way this Wednesday. Can you guess what it will be?
Clue: these strange little balls are shallots...

After a cup of tea and catch up with one of my old friends we got ready to head into London to see the Christmas lights. In our family, we start Christmas early.
Jo and I are excitedly sporting early Christmas presents, thanks to our lovely Aunt. Hurray for snuggly tartan goodies!

After a quick train ride, we walked down the river, through Somerset House and onto Covent Garden.
Now tell me honestly, is this reindeer too much for my flat?
No? Glad you agree. 

We took all the selfies in London. Some of which will never see the light of day. Let's just say my face has a life of it's own sometimes.
As my Mum pointed out, the lady behind us does not look impressed with our shutterbugging.
After spending our early evening in London we hopped home to catch up on Strictly and all cheered at Jake's aaaaamazing performance. Dem hips.
On Sunday morning my parents were in full blown house prepping mode for a family day at home, whilst Jo was in full blown Christmas song singing mode. I helped Mum out by making the pastry for her legendary Lemon Meringue Pie. I'm always enchanted by pastry, but as you all know, I'm an utter weirdo.   

I got to spend the afternoon with my Nan and my paternal grandparents, who are all the absolute best. We settled down to a feast at lunch and then once we'd eaten our fill (read: we only stopped eating when we were practically bursting at the seams), the games began! Post Sunday lunch games are taken very seriously at my parents' house with frequent cheeky, nearly cheating answers and Google rulings galore.
It's pretty hilarious to watch. Eyes down, chaps.  

I drove back up the M1 on Sunday night for an early start on Monday morning, wishing I could have vegged out watching Strictly and eating my Mum's stash of Hazelnut chocolate. But Christmas is coming! And I'm looking forward to going back. 
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