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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Instagram of the week: Having my gals in the kitchen was such fun this week! What babes.

1. I'm in full on Halloween appreciation mode at the moment. So you might see a pattern emerging over this post, beginning with these parents dressing their baby in a different costume every day until Halloween. Adorable!

2. I saw Dracula last week. The film is a bit holey in places but Luke Evans is such a treat for the eyes. Phwoar...

3. I also saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this week. The Ninja Turtles were never really part of my childhood but the film was such good fun. And I was giggling throughout! Worth a watch if you're down for a turtle based laugh.

4. These 4 easy fall garlands are so gorgeous. I particularly love the pine cones.

5. 25 famous women on getting older. "I'm very f*cking grateful to be alive".

6. Cheesy pesto pull-apart bread. OH MA GAAAAAAD.

7. What British people say vs. what they really mean. All of these are downright hilarious.

8. I love this creative pumpkin arrangement. So chic and the perfect centre piece for an Autumn or Halloween party!

9. Whilst the rain this week has been a little relentless, I've loved sitting inside, wrapped up in a blanket listening to the rain hammer on the windows. One of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon.

10. DID YOU WATCH DAVID ATTENBOROUGH'S LIFE STORY?! This point totally deserves capital letters. It was an incredible episode and if you haven't seen it, iPlayer it now! #attenborough4life

Have a happy weekend, friends! x


  1. Thankyou for the reminder to set our recorder for David Attenborough's brilliant new series. We are very fond of him! Hope you have a great weekend too. x

    1. It looks like it's going to be a great series! Nobody does it like David Attenborough! xx


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