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Friday, 17 October 2014

Instagram of the week: The post-storm skies have been beautiful this week.

1. It's the weekend! *praying hands emoji*

2. Oh how I want Joy's new book, Homemade Decadence. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT COVER.

3. Speaking of cookbooks, Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food looks insane too! Have you been following the TV series? THAT Chocolate Celebration Cake looked like such a game-changer.

4. I am obsessed with this Autumn scarf. Can I treat myself to it because it's a Friday? That's a legit reason, right...?

5. I've been doing a lot of computer work this week and it makes my brain feel like it's turning to cheese. I have definitely needed these tips on how to meditate in five minutes or less. A bit of brain breathing space is essential.

6. Radox pink grapefruit and basil shower gel. I thought adverts lied when they insisted that a shower gel could really wake you up in the morning, but it's actually the truth! The grapefruit scent is so zingy and fresh it really readies me for the morning. Aaaand I can't stop sniffing myself for the rest of the day. #realtalk

7. I desperately want to create a DIY-instagram photo display. I haven't been too inspired by pintrest so far, so do you have any cool ideas?

8. What children around the world eat for breakfast. I find these studies fascinating, especially when the eater is pictured with the food.

9. I've been losing hours watching spoken word poetry this week. Sarah Kay is still such an inspiration, I love her piece Worst Poetry.

10. Josie sent me this brain-exploding adorable video this week. I'm so glad she's my sister.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x


  1. You can totally buy that scarf if you haven't already because it's (now) Sunday and that's just as good an excuse as Friday...!! ;-) Ailish

    1. Ailish, you are my kinda gal! xx


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