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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Instagram of the week: Autumnal evenings are for wood-burners, thick socks and the winning combination of Strictly and Downton. #oldsoul

1. Emma Watson's HeForShe speech at the UN. A perfectly crafted address that is so important and I hope its recognition will start to carry forward the ideals it sets out.

2. Lena Dunham gives great advice. I can't wait to read Not That Kind of Girl.

3. It was Josie's birthday last Wednesday. I went back home to visit her and we had quite the giggle. It's a treat to have my sister as my BFF (read: there is always someone you can share 2 for 1 cocktails with).

4. I'm so thrilled Gogglebox is back. I only started watching it last year but I loooove it! I think it's such a clever idea and these two always make me laugh

5. I cut all my hair off last week. Ok, slight exaggeration. I'm loving running my hands through it and feeling those freshly cut, blunt tips. I'm weird, ok?

6. I was inducted onto my Masters degree yesterday. It was scary and exciting and awesome. I can't wait to get cracking. Also kudos on the marketing strategy, Loughborough. #iamhere

7. Speaking of my Masters, I feel SO OLD. All the freshers have arrived back at university and they look tiny and eager and YOUNGER THAN EVER! Scary, eh? But on the subject of freshers, I enjoyed reading Simon Pegg's letter to his student self. Time to get living, chaps.

8. Isn't it satisfying to have a life laundry day? I love getting all those tiny, irritating tasks out of the way in one fell swoop and then rewarding myself with a peanut butter kitkat.

9. Glazed Apple Fritters (!!!).

10. Puppies vs. Stairs. Because every weekend (actually scrap that to every freaking day) should feature puppy videos. It's only right.

Have a happy weekend, friends!

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