Raspberry and Lemon No-churn Ice Cream

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

This was supposed to be a blueberry pie. 
As you can see, it isn't. But that isn't where this story starts. It starts about 15 years ago, in a strawberry field with my fingers and lips pink with strawberry juice. I have such fond memories of picking strawberries as a child and nibbling on my basket of fruit as I wended my way through the strawberry runners. I had a manic July this year, so missed the chance to pick my own strawberries but resolved to pick blueberries in August. I was dreaming of flaky, short pastry wrapping up freshly picked blueberries coated in sweet, brown sugar. Alas, thanks to the unusally warm weather the blueberry season started and finished early. Pick Your Own farms were picked clean and my fruit basket remained sadly empty. So I still had a desperate urge to pick fruit, yet not a farm to be found with any fruit for the pickin' and thus this blog post is not a blueberry pie. Luckily my Mum has her own bumper crop of fruit and vegetables down the end of her very own garden. Why I hadn't raided Mum's little fruit farm first, I don't know. But boy am I glad that I did. After a weekend at my parent's house, I returned home with bags of raspberries and green beans. And I'll be back with extra bags for the beetroot and courgettes soon! So happily I can finally post a recipe using a freshly picked summer fruit (and what a bonus - these raspberries are homegrown and organic! Hurrah!).

So this ice cream feels like my last hurrah for Summer. I missed the strawberries, I missed the blueberries but the trusty raspberry is here to wave us from August and onwards to Autumn in the last of the summer sun. I'm imagining this ice cream will be enjoyed in the lingering balmy days of the summer, as children pick out new stationary and out new shoes ready to return to school. The hint of lemon is happy as Larry alongside the raspberries and cuts through the creamy flavour. You've definitely got to whip this up right now whilst August is still with us - and best of all you can do it without an ice cream maker! So get to picking those raspberries and freezing up this late summer treat.

Adapted from Mary Berry's No Churn Ice Cream 

For Raspberry and Lemon Ice Cream you will need:

For raspberry puree:

160g fresh raspberries
40g caster sugar

For ice cream base:

300 ml double cream
100g caster sugar
4 eggs
zest of 1 lemon

Raspberries to serve, optional

Begin by making your raspberry puree by adding the raspberries and sugar into a pan on a medium heat.

Stir occasionally and break down the raspberries with a spoon until they have released all of their juices.

Strain the raspberry juice into a bowl, then push the puree through the sieve with a spoon. Make sure to scrape the puree that collects on the underside of the sieve into the bowl - that's the best bit. You should be able to get nearly all of the moisture out from the raspberry mix with 5 minutes of spoon work. Once your done put the puree in the fridge and discard (or eat, as I did) the pips. 

Now let's get to preparing the base. Firstly separate the eggs.

Then whisk the eggs whites in a large bowl until stiff peaks form. You'll need an electric whisk or some SERIOUS guns for this. 

Then gradually add in the sugar whilst still whisking.

Keep whisking until the mix is glossy and stiff peaks form when the whisk is pulled away. 

In a separate bowl whisk up your cream.

Love a good whisking photo, me. 

Whisk until soft peaks form.

Now fold in the cream, egg yolks, raspberry puree and lemon zest into the egg white mix.

Fold in until smooth. 

Pour into a bread tin or into tupperware, cover and freeze for 2-4 hours or overnight. 

Whip it out once frozen...

Scoop it out into bowls.

Add a few raspberries to each bowl, either frozen or fresh and then tuck in. After I finished photographing this, I ate a bowl for breakfast. But that's between me and you! 

Happy Summer time! 

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