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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Instagram of the week: Taking a selfie on the Prudential Freecycle route in London with my Mum. Dad is way too speedy to grab for a selfie. 

1. Robin Williams. What a bright, bright light.

2. You may well be wondering what on earth the Prudential Freecycle is - well let me tell you. It's an annual event that sees a 10 mile circuit of central London closed down to regular traffic and cyclists young and old are let loose on it. A brilliant, healthy day out that will leave a huge smile on your face. You can already check out the details for next year!

3. S'more Cupcakes! WHAT!!!!

4. J and I shared a rare breakfast in bed this week. As we're often both working at weekends we never have time for a lazy Sunday wake up routine. Well last Tuesday acted as our Sunday and it was bliss!

5. I miss having a gym membership but I don't miss ANY of these things. Especially number 9. I mean just tie your hair up and wear sensible shoes, God dammit!!

6. Stocking up my freezer with Summer harvest is one of my favourite things in August. I love being able to use up Summer fruit and vegetables over Autumn and Winter without having to shell out and buy out of season. Also - no waste! Hurrah.

7. Joesph Gordon Levitt on why he is absolutely a feminist. Simple reasons, that's all it is really.

8. If you saw my last post you'll know that Costa sent me over a selection of Essie nail polishes for their #HelloSummerMoments challenge. I'd never tried Essie before but now I'm a complete convert! For a regular at-home manicure, the staying power of 3 coats of Essie was uh-mazing. Loving it. (It felt slightly weird writing about a beauty product, here's a brownie recipe to make up for it).

9. I've taken up knitting. Make of that what you will, but I'm so excited to create! I'm dreaming of patchwork blankets and bobble hats and jumpers.

10. I can't believe it was A Level results this week. It makes me feel so very old to have completed my undergraduate degree. On the plus side, I get to buy new stationary for the start of my masters degree soon and who doesn't LOVE new stationary?! (If the answer is you, please let yourself quietly out the back door).

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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  1. Such a good idea to freeze all the summer harvest! Not having a freezer has been my single biggest regret of the summer, I have to say. I know, I can't believe this week was A-Level results either - it feels like no time has gone by since I picked up mine in 2010! So exciting that you're about to start your master's though - new stationery is definitely the best thing about the start of the academic year :)

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure


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