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Saturday, 16 August 2014

If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that recently I've gone a liiiiiittle bit Costa crazy. I may have spent more time in there recently than I have in my own home. I'm not complaining though - I mean have you seen their cake range... Anyway I should probably start at the beginning of this story, as that's always a good place to begin. So the lovely ladies over at Costa got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to take part in their #HelloSummerMoments challenge. As you might've guessed, I said hell yes! They kindly sent me over a gorgeous hamper to get started with, filled with nail polishes, a clutch bag and a frisbee that I've perhaps used far too much for someone of my age. The hamper also included a low down of the challenges, which were simple and as follows: take a selfie, introduce someone to the summer range, match a pedicure or manicure to your Costa and plan an outfit around a drink. I'm pretty sure the idea was to do them in some kind of chronological order, but I'm haphazard and a bit overexcited when it comes to ordering from an exciting new range. So I'll just talk you through my weekend with Costa and tick off the challenges as we go.

The weekend of the #HelloSummerMoments challenge happily coincided with a trip home and a couple of exciting adventures. I kicked off my weekend with a little retail therapy with Josie (read: I followed Josie round hanging up discarded items. Life of a little sister, hey!). We stopped to recharge our batteries in a Costa with an adjoining Waterstones. Jo grabbed some books whilst I grabbed the drinks. I plumped for a Peach Iced Tea - soo refreshing and nabbed a quick selfie too (selfie challenge - tick!).

Josie went for the zingy Green Tea, Lime and Mint cooler that was the ultimate accessory to her green bean outfit - matching loom bracelet and everything! Without even trying, Jo had completed one of the #HelloSummerMoments challenges. Congrats, Jo - hurrah to you!

We grabbed a selfie together with an unwitting photobomber, shared a slice of cherry tart (would've been rude not to, right?) and feeling refreshed we got back to the shopping grind.

The following day saw my parents and I taking part in the Prudential Freecycle. An incredible annual event that sees a 10 mile circuit of central London closed down and open to cyclists. We completed the loop a couple of times and then cycled another 20 miles around London. A glorious sunny day that left us with sore feet and sore butts but big, big grins. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to complete the challenge of introducing someone to the Summer range. So at the end of the cycle we stopped off at Costa my parents enjoyed iced coffees on the edge of buzzy Trafalgar Square.

Whilst my parents sipped and people watched I got down to my outfit challenge. Now you guys know I'm not a fashion blogger, I'm more cookies than crop tops. Definitely more pastries than platforms. So I had pondered over the outfit challenge for a while - what ensemble could I create where an item off the Costa menu was the ultimate accessory...? Well, and I think you'll all agree, my chosen outfit of the day is really cutting edge. Details below in true fashion blogger style:

Prudential Ride London vest
Asos sunglasses similar here
Plaits straight from Pippi Longstocking

I think my helmet just out of sight really set off the whole look. A trend waiting to happen, I reckon. And my tall, frosty ginger beer certainly was the ultimate accessory, not to mention an essential accessory after 40 miles of cycling! Sluuurrrpp!

On Sunday I had a big drive home ahead of me, but on the way back I visited one of my lovely friends with a little Sunday pick-me-up. My Essie Tea and Crumpets manicure is inspired by the icy, caramel latte below. Whilst the polish is called Tea and Crumpets I think it's the perfect iced coffee colour, don't you think? We caught up on our weekend and boys (read: also loads of chat about cats and knitting #coolkids) and then it was time for me to wave goodbye and get on the road. I had such a lovely weekend completing the #HelloSummerMoments challenge and really loved every summer moment I shared with my family and friends.
Thank you to Costa for putting me up to the challenge, I had a blast!

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