Feasting @ Herman Ze German

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Yesterday J and I spent a beautiful day in London. The subtle change in the weather suits us down to the ground. We like our air a little crisper and our vigorous touristy walks a little less sweaty than your average summer loving kid. We had a good few activities lined up for our day in the city so for such an action packed day we needed some hearty fuel to keep us going. I've been wanting to try out Herman ze German for aaaaages especially as they claim their 'wurst is ze best'. It's the kind of thing a food blogger can't resist. Naturally we rocked up to Soho around 1.30 to see if Herman ze German could live up to their bold wurst claims...

The floor was packed with happy lunchers when we arrive and quickly hopped into the queue. The place has an almost masculine feel to it and is packed with metal cages holding bottles, dark wood and simple decor.

The menu is fairly short, but quite varied including a variety of free range wurst(s?), curry wurst, schnitzel and salads. Their chips are also baked not fried so they are SUPER tempting to order too. Just as we placed our order a window seat freed up and I made a beeline for it.

What a handsome lunching companion I have. 

We had only been sipping on our Hamburg Fritz drinks for about 5 minutes before our food was wending it's way towards us. Speedy service makes such a difference when you're dribbling slightly and scaring fellow eaters. 

I went for the Bockwurst, a smokey pork sausage with crispy onions and chips (because I have zero will power). It was good but I got a liiiiittle bit of order envy...

J had plumped for the Chilli beef and pork sausage and it was just delicious. DE-LISH-OSH. Smokey, a little spicy and perfect with those crispy and crunchy onions. At least it gives me an excuse to go back and order one for myself.

(If someone is standing up taking a picture of their food, they are probably a blogger).

Even J is on the instagram-your-food hype. It's needless to say, we always eat our food slightly cold...


 But eventually we got down to it! Stuffing it all in there, chap?

Yup, you've been caught red handed. 

We took our time over these delicious German treats, but city workers were popping in and out as we ate. Some talking business others reading the paper. The buzzy, busy atmosphere is exciting and it makes the perfect spot for a little people watching.

Business started to wind down by the time we'd finished, so I explored the place taking photographs as I went. Oh and FYI, if you are walking past and it looks packed check downstairs. There is buckets more room for wurst lovers.

With full bellies we upped and left our empty baskets with happy smiles.
See - German food = big grin.
You can find Herman ze German in Soho and Charing Cross and contact them here

Then we spent the rest of the day exploring London before heading over to Somerset House for their Film 4 Summer Screening of E.T.
I'm hoping a vlog of the whole day will be coming your way soon. So keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Sounds a great day out!

  2. So jel you've been to Herman Ze German as I have unsurpsiginly been wanting to go for a while too! Also: "If someone is standing up taking a picture of their food, they are probably a blogger" - preach, gurl. Looks like you two had a lovely day and yay for German food joy! X

    1. I love German food! I desperately want to visit Germany, partly just to eat my way through it! xx


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