Summer Bucket List

Monday, 7 July 2014

I've been meaning to put up this post for a while. Ever since I put down my pen and finished my degree my head has been buzzing with summer to-dos, half-planned adventures and lists of fun. And why haven't I been able to post my list of intended fun? Well I've only been having too much real-life fun! What a jolly state of affairs, hey?! But with a little breather I wanted to share with you what was on my summer bucket list. So here goes, a summer to-do list (some of which I've actually already ticked off thanks to my slow ass posting).

- Camp outside! Campfire desirable, but portable BBQ will appease my fiery, marshmallow-charring needs.

- Enjoy some live music. This is one I've already done but I'd happily let live music wash over me everyday of the week. Humans are such talented creatures!

- Go on a cycling adventure, hopefully with a picnic in my backpack. This is one I'm eager to do, and will enjoy just as soon as I fix my bike seat. Currently whenever I sit on it, it slides down and I end up cycling with my knees around my ears. But soon cycling adventure, I shall have you!

- Find and make a delicious, no churn strawberry ice cream that doesn't just taste like double cream. It can be done! I am determined.  

- Try meditation. I want to grab at least 10 minutes a day for my mind. It deserves some chill time.  

- Dip my toes in an English sea. Another one that I've already done - but more detail on that in the form of a travel post soon.

- TIE-DYE! Man I want to be one of those edgy kids in a tie dye top. This summer it will happen.

- Spend the day frolicking at an outdoor swimming pool. Hands up who loves the word frolicking? *Hands are up*.

- Travelling! My backpack and walking boots are calling my name...

- Start jotting down novel ideas. Must make the most of this mammoth summer to be as creative as humanly possible. I draw the line at drinking absinthe and lopping off my ear lobe, though. (That's one for all you VVG fans out there, holla!)

- Work on this blog! This to-do has it's very own to-do list. From buying a domain to perhaps investing in a new camera lens... Exciting (and pricey) prospects!

- Perfect a watermelon cocktail > fill a watermelon with said cocktail > drink with perhaps a small amount of sharing > fall on floor from cocktail genius.

- Try bikram yoga regardless of the fact I'm the sweatiest person ever when exercising. (Thanks for those genes, Papa).

- Create a summer playlist/revamp my iPod. I mean who STILL wants to be listening to I am titaaaaniiiiumm? (Me secretly, but I do need new songs for my awful, awful dance moves).

- Spend a day (or maybe even a weekend!!!) without my phone. Instagram can wait.


Whats on your summer bucket list, friends?  If you have anything crazy cool I want to know about it! Mainly so I can pinch the idea for my list too...

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  1. You have to keep Titanium in there! Would love to see a diy tie dye post, great list.


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