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Friday, 18 July 2014

Instagram of the week: Graduation day selfie! One of my favourite selfies, EVER!

1. I was so girly last week and got a manicure! I'm the kind of girl that is most comfortable in overalls, bare feet and in mud so it's quite a change for me. I loved it though! Even though it felt a bit like the dentist for my hands...

2. Joy! What are you doing to me?! I must make these Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Rolls.

3. About Time. What a charming and eclectic film. Only Richard Curtis directs romantic films that I love to watch.

4. How to Train Your Dragon 2. I saw it! It did not disappoint, I even got a bit emotional (no shame). I can confirm that I still want a dragon.

5. I completely failed at cooking cous cous this week. I'm not sure how it happened but it came out like a paste. I'm grateful that J keeps quiet and eats anything I put on his plate.

6. Last weekend I was thrilled to provide the favours for a wedding. What an exciting step for Lottie's Little Kitchen and a real honour to be included in someones special day!

7. I'm drinking copious jugs of iced water in this warm and humid weather. I want to get on the flavoured water bandwagon asap!

8. Fresh flowers in the house. It's such a treat! I haven't been in my house for more than a stretch of 5 days recently, so I felt I couldn't have fresh flowers and not enjoy them completely. I always think it's kinda sad to come back home to dead flowers. But my schedule is settling down and I was treated to two bunches of flowers for my graduation. My flat is blooming again and I love it.

9. Holiday planning. Well not so much planning as toing and froing. All I want is adventure but the World has so many damn options!

10. Spending time with family. Recently and happily I've been spending a load of time with my wonderful and talented family. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have them all as my best friends.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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  1. Lovely post, we very much like your instagram too!


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