A Pit Stop at The Crafters Barn

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I have a big ol' Northern blog post up my metaphorical sleeve. But I was scrolling through my archives yesterday and noticed there has been a distinct lack of food on LLK in recent weeks. This means the chunky post from upt North (said in Northern accent, obvs) has to wait in the wings whilst this baby takes the floor. Never fear though, this foodie adventure is set in Edinburgh so still has a certain Northern charm. So where are we eating? The Crafters Barn, just of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. In the perfect spot for those spending the day touristing (touristing should totally be a verb) around Edinburgh. I saw Crafters on one of Rosie's posts and I just knew I had to try it. A gourmet kitchen that is right up my street. I mean anywhere that hangs light bulbs from the ceiling in a Pintrest-y fashion has my seal of approval. 

It means I can take these pretty, blurry photos and creates a lovely warm atmosphere whilst retaining an air of cool. 

There were also candles burning in every corner, making it cosy, welcoming and incredibly photogenic. Food bloggers, rejoice! 

J and I shared the restaurant with a whole host of groups. Old couples, young couples, families, ladies who lunch and even somebody celebrating their graduation! It's always a good sign when you can happily feed the whole family.
Sometimes I wonder if people know I'm taking pictures of them... I think I got away with this one. 

When I finished embarrassing J by taking photos of strangers we snuggled into armchairs of our own. I was quite partial to this one and want one similar for reading.
Nerd, right?

When asking J to strike a pose on his sofa he came up with this. I think he was taking the piss... But we can appreciate the beauty of the window seat at least! Fab people watching.

We ordered a couple of fiery ginger beers that came in mason jars (more Pintrest-like detailing to love!!) and settled down to the menu. The lunch menu is relatively short but I would happily eat each dish. It's all very appealing, I'm not just an eager beaver chubbo.

We decided to have two small plates to start. On the left you have a Quail scotch egg, breaded haggis (yes, haggis!) and celeriac puree. When in Rome, right? And on the right there is a bowl of seriously smokey chorizo infused with Leffe blonde beer. Because who doesn't want to eat a bowl of chorizo (answer: no-one).

Dat yolk though.
J loved haggis, I was on the fence. It was a bit too herby and meaty for me. I like something a little lighter, but I'm so pleased I tried it!

Then we skipped onto the mains. I went for a seriously good tomato, basil and chilli soup served with great hunks of bread. It was rich, hot and filling without being too salty or creamy as tomato soup so often can be. I was proud of my ordering with this one. 

I mean don't you just want to dive into that bowl?
I also want Crafters crockery. What a cute soup bowl!

J went for the Mexican Fiesta Pizza. Loaded with peppers, chili beans, jalapenos, sour cream and corn chips. Annoyingly this boy was so excited I only managed to snap one picture before he devoured it. But I managed to nab a little slice and I can tell you it was carby carby heaven.

And then we were back out to explore some more Edinburgh delights! I have to say that Crafters was pretty lovely and made a great stop for lunch during a busy day in the city. And now I can't wait to share the rest of my adventures along the beautiful Northumbrian coast with you. Here's a little sneak peek!


  1. Oh wow, that does look delicious, I am not sure about haggis either, but the soup looks wonderful.

    1. It is certainly an acquired taste! xx

  2. Lovely blog I really like your photographs, especially the one at the end in Northumbria.

    1. Thank you very much. Northumbria is easy to take beautiful photographs of - it's stunning! x

  3. That soup looks delicious, really made me moan about my tomato allergy! I've done a few posts on places to eat in Edinburgh lately - its an amazing city! x


    1. I've just been over to your blog and the Just Burgers and Beers post is uh-mazing! Made me crave a burger! xx


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