Springtime Adventures in London

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A good few weeks ago I spent a couple of lovely days in London. Then I wrote a dissertation and finished my degree and this blog post got lost in thousands of words and late nights spent proof reading. However as those nights are now a thing of the past I thought it was about time that these two beautiful days in London went up on the blog. We crammed a lot in - so grab a cup of tea and enjoy and walk through the capital during springtime.
We started off with a visit to the Southbank Centre and the Martin Creed exhibition. I'd been wanting to visit his exhibition for a long time and whilst it is now sadly closed (curse my slow posting!) I can give you a little peek into my favourite part. 

The Martin Creed exhibition is full of pieces that 'transform everyday materials and actions into surprising meditations on existence and the invisible structures that shape our lives'. His style of work is interesting, inspiring and fresh. My favourite piece was 'Half the air in a given space' - a room filled from roof to floor with white balloons.

Experiencing the balloon room is supposed to trigger a child like joy and a sense of claustrophobia. It is truly quite remarkable. J and I spent a good 20 minutes chasing each other like children!

Watch out though - the static is killer!

SO jolly!

The exhibition was great but the balloon piece was by far our favourite, leaving us breathless! J is particularly fond of interactive art - I think he is tired of being dragged around galleries.

We headed down to the riverbank at noon on the hunt for some lunch.

The search didn't take long as we settled on Bleecker Street Burger

I'd heard nothing but good things so J hopped up to order as soon as they opened up the hatch.

A couple of cokes and we waited and tried not to dribble in anticipation. 

Excited punters! 

Then our number was called and burger angels SANG

The burgers were seriously good. Cooked medium rare they melt in the mouth. The bun is toasted, sweet and holds its integrity. Cheese and onions seal the delicious deal and complete the burger dream.   

So the burgers are great but the chips - they're epic. I've never tasted anything like them. If you're not into the burgers - seriously just go for the chips. Have them regular and delicious...

... Or go for angry fries! A portion of those crazy good chips smothered in blue cheese and hot sauce. I MEAN COME ON. 

What a happy chappy! Definitely get yourself over to Bleecker Street Burgers on the Southbank as soon as you can. They also do a veggie burger - so what's not to love?!

After lunch we needed a serious walk so headed across the river for a stroll (and it looks like J made a small friend!).  

We met up with some family and enjoyed touring London for the rest of the afternoon.

But wait... there's more! We were back the following day to see Russell Howard with two new additions!
Hey there, Josie and Danielle! 

We did a little Boris biking in the sun and it was quite lovely!

 Of course we had to stop for an ice cream - it was practically compulsory!

 And then we were back on the road!

Photo opportunities were endless and my incessant snapping caused some raised eyebrows..

But I managed to get some pretty good poses with a little model cooperation!

Eyes on the road, kid!

Just enough time to snap a quick selfie, grab some Mexican food and head over to the Albert Hall to see Russell Howard do his thing!

Russell was hilarious as always and has added some more dates to his tour if you want to grab tickets. And if you want to see this crazy long post in vlog form - you can hop over to my YouTube channel and watch it there. Thanks for reading, chaps!

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