A 21st and an 80th Birthday

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Last weekend I had two very important birthday parties written into my diary. The first was my Granddad's 80th, who is undoubtedly a dude by the way. The second was J's 21st - another dude, I'd say! I was super excited for this birthday bonanza weekend to begin and made sure to have my camera on me at all times to record as many moments as possible. I was that excited, I even made J do a couple of shots before we hit the road for the weekend. Long suffering, that one. 

They weren't all posed and regular though - I made sure to chuck a few crazy ones in there. Then we were off! 

Just over an hour later and we were settling down at a table that was almost floating off to the ceiling with 80th balloons. 

And all to celebrate this chap's birthday!

The usual suspects were there to celebrate - hey, Jo!

A group of siblings and spouses...

and of course my parents were there chatting away too.

Josie spent most of lunch chuckling away with my lovely Grandma.

And they smiled on demand for me! Darlings.

Josie was also found horsing around with my maternal grandmother. 

And then both my grandmothers were giggling together. As you might be able to see - there is a lot of laughter in this family.

Of course we fitted in some food too - I only snapped a creme brulee but I also ate a slice of pie the size of my head (by 'I ate' I mean 'half ate and Josie finished it off'). 

And then there was of course birthday cake, clapping and raised glasses to the main man!

After all the candles were blown out there was enough time of a cuddle...

And a photo opportunity...

... or two! Hugs, kisses and best wishes were exchanged before we all waved goodbye with smiles on our faces. Cheers to you, Grandad - you're the bomb diggity!

The next day was J's 21st birthday! As you can imagine, we had something sophisticated, grown up and mature lined up to celebrate...

Oh yes, we went to Legoland. J, myself and 6 other adults.

I put on my best 5-old-face and started posing with the Lego. First up - Yoda. 

J was taken with Yoda too. 

Although saying that, he was taken with most of them. Photo taking OVERLOAD.

We continued to hare round like children, taking on Legoland's maze in 5 minutes flat! Everyone else opted for a more leisurely pace and look like grownups. But they couldn't say they were Kings of the Castle, so swings and roundabouts really.  

Then we checked out Legoland's Miniland. Check out London below made entirely of Lego. This is cool apparently...

Well J and his Dad obviously thought so, anyway!

A ride or two and we were quite ready for lunch!

We enjoyed all sorts of goodies including quiche, chicken, sandwiches and THIS 3 tier chocolate fudge cake adorned with sprinkles because, birthday.

I've been meaning to blog this recipe for you but keep forgetting to photograph it. I will write on it eventually - it is UH-MAZING. 

Bubbles were poured, happy birthday was sung and candles were blown out. Then after getting thoroughly soaked on the log flume in the afternoon we headed back home for a few more birthday surprises.

I made J wait in the car whilst I set up balloons, banners and all sorts of other birthday goodies. 

Including some presents (yes that is Thomas the Tank Engine paper...)

And pokemon birthday cupcakes! J is certainly still young at heart.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was set up on DVD (because Richard Griffiths as Vernon Dursley should be featured on every birthday) and I let J in!

He was particularly fond of the Pokemon cupcakes!

 Happy birthday, honey bee!

I had such a wonderful weekend celebrating birthdays with all the people I love the most. Here's to the next one, chaps!


  1. Oh my gosh, Legoland and Pokémon cupcakes sound like an ideal birthday! A group of us took a friend to Disneyland for her 22nd...a real sacrifice on our parts as I'm sure you can imagine ;) Happy birthday to J and your Granddad!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

    1. Haha that sounds amazing! Perhaps I'll suggest that for my birthday... Thanks, Tamsin :) xx

  2. This is so sweet and wonderful and fun! I love birthdays. x

    1. Aw thanks, Rachel! Me too :) xx


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