Lottie Loves: 25

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Instagram of the week: Blue skies and blossom.

2. Seeing famous places from above. I think nearly every built up area looks futuristic/apocalyptic. Especially Barcelona!

3. I watched Non Stop this week. I think I like Liam Neeson in everything. It's the accent, I'm sure.

4. I can't believe people actually ask theses crazy interview questions. J is really good at answering them. Me - not so much.

5. As I introduced Parsnip on the blog, I feel I need to say that we said goodbye to our little one this week after such a short time together. He was a beautiful little bear and this week has been hard. We're already missing his cuddles.

6. Catching up with old friends. Just lovely.

7. Have you heard about Fenn's treasure? I want to go treasure hunting!

8. Orlando Bloom wearing eyeliner. Can we just appreciate this for a second?

9. I had a big sort of my Pintrest boards this week. Yes, I know - gripping. If you're also a Pintrest fiend then you can check out my boards here.

10. Guilty pleasure listening to this song (ON REPEAT). Go ahead, judge me, but I'm still listening. 

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

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