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Friday, 28 March 2014

Instagram of the week: A sunny Friday welcomes in the beginning of my Easter break (otherwise known as the oncoming dissertation slog).

1. 'There's a Walter White in every person in the world'. I still can't let go of Breaking Bad so obviously ended up reading this article with Bryan Cranston.

2. Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm. Peach kiss - oh my I can't stop applying.

3. THE DAWN OF THE DUNGAREES! I'm so in love already. If I change the top everyday can I wear it all summer...?

4. Fruit in salad. I can't stop whacking it in. This is evidenced in this week's blog post.

5. I'm loving Cider with Rosie at the moment! If you're looking for a new read then you must check her out. Beautiful blog with lovely photography and words and the most darling little Pup, Teddy! It makes me crave a life in the country.

6. MasterChef is back. John and Greg make me happy and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

7. Tracey Shutterbean, you had me at meatball.

8. Filming with J. Keep your eyes peeled for our funny old escapades this weekend over on Lottie's Little Vlogs.

9. Old school Herbal Essences. It makes my hair smell SO GOOD. Seriously, I can't stop sniffing myself.

10. The Three Sister Bake cookbook*. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of this lovely book this week, so far I am loving it! Expect a review and recipe coming your way very soon.

Have a happy weekend, friends!


  1. It was such a glorious surprise to see that Masterchef was back on the telly! Love it! Even their silly, over-the-top expressions :)

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. They're ridiculous but I love them! x

  2. Love this post on so many levels. I'm addicted to Masterchef as well, and even more so to Masterchef Professionals! Did you try watching Channel 4's The Taste? And I bought the rosehip classic Herbal Essences yesterday - SMELLS SO GOOD. They should never have abandoned that design, it's so much cuter than those ugly neon bottles with silly names.

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

    1. Thanks, Tasmin :) I certainly did watch the taste and was team Nigella all the way! xxx


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