Lottie Loves: 18

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Photo of the week: Josie! She's already featured in my Loves post before but we've been hanging out this weekend and had such a lovely time. Her face needed to pop up in this post. 

1. Le Creuset!
All of my kitchen dreams have come true! This week I've been so luckily given my very own Le Creuset pot by my forever overly-generous J. He has been in London this week and came home with my Le Creuset as a complete surprise. I am completely unashamed to say I did a little scream. I love my little Creu and can't wait to make this, this and this with you guys! How very exciting.

2. David Attenborough on Curling
Have you seen this? David Attenborough does a spoof commentary over the curling of the Sochi Olympics. If you're a fan of David, curling, the Olympics or random things to listen to on the internet, then give this a listen. I've loved watching the winter Olympics, did you manage to catch the Snowboard Cross? It was cerrr-razy!

3. Soup
I'm having a soup revival. After finding (and LOVING) Shutterbean's Carrot and Coconut soup I've been on the hunt for more amazing soups to add to my weekday dinner repertoire. I'm not talking your run of the mill, average smaverage weekday lunch soup. I'm talking big, bold flavours that make the humble soup an awesome and unforgettable meal. With these criteria in mind, you have to try Joy the Baker's Roasted Cauliflower and Cumin Soup. Whilst cauliflower sounds totally missable, it is surprisingly uh-maaazing. You gotta' try. Then I might consider shutting up about my love for soup, we'll see.

4. Spring decorations
I can smell spring in the air. The days are getting longer and warmer and the temptation to ditch the tights is getting stronger by the day. To stop me going crazy and dusting off my shorts I brightened up my flat with some spring decorations. I love this simple idea of flowers in Kilner bottles. I'm planning to guild them gold, maybe with a little glitter too.

5. New Bedding
Whilst I'm gearing up for Spring I couldn't resist buying some new bedding. There is something about fresh, airy sheets that just sings spring to me. I love these blue striped sheets from Asda (thanks for the good bedding tip off, Milk Bubble Tea!). The throw is from TKMaxx, so I can't give you a link for it I'm afraid, but TK often has some great finds if you've got time for a rummage around. These new additions brighten up our bedroom and now I can't wait for the daffodils to start springing up so I can sit a vase next to the bed.
Happy Sunday, friends! x

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