Lottie Loves: 17

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Photo of the week: 14/2. A day to love one another/instagram flowers.

1. Sundays!
Is this a weird thing to include in a Sunday loves post? I'm doing it anyway, flying by the seat of my pants. I have to admit I love Sundays. Always started with a long, lazy breakfast they are a day for relaxing. Usually followed by a little Pilates, walking, reading and baking. The cheeky little loaf in the bottom right corner is a chocolate orange marble cake that will be coming your way very soon.

2. Game of Thrones foreshadowing
Guys. Have you seen? If you're a Thrones fan then I'm guessing you've seen the trailer for season four, coming in April (if not you need to have gander here) but have you seen this? An incredible little teaser of what's to come in the next season. I'm overly excited. Seriously overly excited.
April is coming. 

3. A little romance
I know that V-Day isn't for everyone but I have to say I love a little romance. J surprised me this Valentines by baking me the cutest red velvet cupcakes. I'm a sucker for homemade gifts and it's especially nice to be the bakee rather than the baker. 

4. Brightening weather
Today it seemed like the awful weather Britain has been experienced had passed. The sun has started to stream through my blinds again in the morning, which I love. It's so much easier to wake up when the sun kisses you awake. I'm sensing spring on the cards, I'm excited. 

5. Dallas Buyers Club
Matthew McConaughey. MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY. This might just be my favourite film of the Oscar nominees. Matthew McConaughey delivers an incredibly gritty and powerful performance and is supported so wonderfully by Jared Leto. An incredible story. An incredible film. If you can, watch it.


  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my blog to have a look at the questions I've asked you and I look forward to reading your answers!

    Much love, Steph x


  2. Spring in on its way, love the shot of the sunlight filtering through the blinds.


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