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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Photo of the week: Sightseeing in Brussels. More on this adventure on Wednesday. 

1. Joy in Uganda
If you don't know who Joy the Baker and you're a fan of doughnuts you need to get acquainted ASAP. She is one of my favourite food bloggers and recently took us on a pretty special journey. Joy recently published a series of blogs from Uganda and each were inspiring, touching and heartfelt. This post is my favourite and well worth a read. Definitely check them out if you have the time.

2. Honest Valentines cards
Valentines Day is just around the corner and if you're into it or not I think you'll appreciate these honest cards by Emily McDowell. I love her whole collection and if you're a fan of a damn good card (like me) then you should go check them out. I've picked two of my favourites and put them below. 
And if you're looking for Friday 14th of February food inspiration then you could check out this valentine's tart, this biryani with extra love or these classic heart biscuits.

3. Girls
How do I manage to miss great TV until about season 3? It happened with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad too, I missed a few seasons and then binge watched. It was unhealthy. I developed small obsessions and I'm afraid the same has happened here. So yes, Girls. An unflinchingly honest, funny and at times poignant creation of Lena Dunham's. If you can get yourself near a Sky subscription I urge you to watch! One of my favourites at the moment.

4. You is for University
Remember I told you about an exciting project I was working on with Sophie? Well I'm very excited to announce that the project is complete. You is for University has now been released, a collection of creative works telling what university life is really like. My exciting project features in the form of a magazine of exclusive LLK recipes, some of which are not even on the blog - they're that special. This magazine has been published as an insert in You is for University and I'm so excited to have my work and photography in print. If you'd like to get hold of a copy - and I thoroughly recommend you do if you're a student, then you can order yours here. You can also read a review of the book and my magazine here

5. Homemade Thank You cards
For the past week I've been making some thank you cards. You know by now that whenever I have the opportunity to make something by hand, I grab it quick. I saw the idea to stitch words onto card a while ago on Pintrest and it's been kicking around in my head ever since. These cards were made with water colour pencils and fineliner pen to create the illustration and embroidery thread covered the lettering. I can't wait to post them out!
Happy Sunday, friends! x

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