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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Photo of the week: Wonderful macaroons in Brussels. You can't beat foodie weekends!

1. Making time for breakfast 
A couple of weeks off is like a reset. Dark circles under eyes fade, laughs become easier and breakfast is no longer skimped over or skipped. I love a good breakfast and I'm really not fussy on what I eat. Porridge, eggs or pastries are all winners for me. I rarely say no to a cheeky second breakfast, either. Hobbit style. 

2. Birthday love 
As you know, last Wednesday was my 21st birthday. I went home to celebrate and was thoroughly spoiled. I was given so many wonderful presents and has such a fun time at home (I'll share more with you on that soon) but it was so nice to feel so loved, the presents were just a bonus! How lucky I am. 

3. Scrapbooking 
My best friend turns 21 today! If anyone knows the lovely girl, wish her a happy birthday! Anyway, I made her a scrapbook recapping on our mad adventures and I think I now have the bug. The scrapbooking bug. I love planning special pages, collecting all the material and then giving the person their book made of love. I want to make one for every occasion now. Help.  

4. Brussels
For my 21st J took me away to Brussels for the weekend. I'm completely full of Belgian food as I type this, but more on that another time. Anyway, I'm loving it. City breaks in Europe are one of my favourite types of holiday. Jamming in food, culture and history and then collapsing just to do it all again the next day. I'm yet to track down a waffle to munch on, but it's certainly on the to do list! 

5. New things
I'm all about trying new things. I'll try just about any food, but besides that I also love doing new things. I'm getting into sewing, writing about film and get this - I even drank beer in Brussels. This is unheard of for me, I'm a wine gal. But new places mean new things. Little steps, but I love to mix things up and experiment in anyway I can. 
Happy Sunday, friends! X

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