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Sunday, 26 January 2014

 Photo of the week: Breathing in fresh, January air.

1. 29 ways to stay creative
It's a tricky thing to make yourself be creative. Forcing creativity is never fun. Luckily I've found something that inspires me when I'm ready to slam my laptop shut in frustration. This inspires me. If you're ever stuck, give this a click and try to get back into your groove. I said groove and I'm ok with it. I think.

2. Pheasant Apron
I have a small (LARGE) obsession with all things woodland and wildlife. I love quirky fox prints, deers and now pheasants have been added to the obsession repertoire. This gorgeous print is all over a lovely early birthday present from J. It's another apron to add to my collection and I'm in love with it. The print makes me feel like I'm cooking away in farmhouse in the countryside. I've found a link to eBay if you'd like one for your own. 

3. Tips for living in small spaces
I love this article on living in small spaces. Since J and I moved into a small flat together we had to learn how to live neatly - it wasn't easy for me. I'm a creative (read: very messy). Erin's last words on approaching your living space with joy are such positive words and always useful to keep in mind whilst living in any situation.

4. Golden Bird Journal  
Another early birthday present, but this time it was to me, from me. I am a complete sucker for journals and this Paperchase darling won me over straight away. I'm currently planning what to write on the first page. I know that might be sad, but the first page of nice journals are a lot of pressure! Best handwriting at the ready.     

5. Catching up on Academy Award nominated films
Now I have a little more free time, I've been catching up on some of the Oscar nominated films I've neglected whilst writing essays. On wednesday J and I went to see 12 Years a Slave and The Wolf of Wall Street. Both spectacular films in very different ways. If you can, I'd recommend you see both!
Happy Sunday, friends! x

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