Lottie Loves: 12

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Photo of the week: Pintrest inspiration, original source unknown.

1. How to be productive in your PJS
This week Shutterbean shared a brilliant link to an article on productivity in your pjs. This is relevant to me as I am currently spending 80% of my time in pajamas, onesies or lounge wear as I frantically write final year essays. The article itself makes for a great and somehow de-stressing read. Also a wonderful form a procrastination for fellow students. Sorry/not sorry.  

2. Silent Witness
It's back! Like Sherlock (that I raved about last week with some hysteria) Silent Witness is one of my favourite BBC shows. It's not quite the same without Harry and Leo (oh Tom Ward how you melt me) but Emilia Fox who plays Nikki, is one of my favourite British actors. I can't resist a creepy, mysterious story line either. If you've never watched you definitely should. Catch it at 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

Photo via BBC

3. Cookbooks
My parents gave me a cracking new selection of cookbooks for Christmas. Essay writing guilt hasn't let me sit down properly with them yet. Sure I've had a flick through and a minor (read: major) drool over some of the pages but I haven't spent an evening bookmarking pages and planning recipes to make. I hope everyone acts this way when they get new cookbooks and I'm not a lonely little culinary loser. Anyway, I'm probably more excited than I should be at the prospect of getting my work out of the way so I can catch up with Prue, Deb and Joy.

4. Crafty blogs
Another reason I'm excited to finish my essays (besides the fact I won't look like a wretched person anymore - hopefully) is to try out some new crafts. I've been reading some new blogs recently and have loved expanding my net to some DIY and the crafty blogs. I'm especially inspired by I Spy DIY who have loads of cool ideas, including this beautiful diamond bracelet. A Beautiful Mess is also worth a browse, I want to put these iron on glitter vinyls on EVERYTHING.

5. Misty Mountains orchestral cover. 
The obsession with The Hobbit continues. I stumbled across this incredible cover on pintrest and have been playing it ever since. In fact, one of my essays makes reference to The Hobbit so I actually listen to this whilst writing it. Should I be ashamed to admit that? I'm not. I absolutely love this kind of music, I hope you enjoy it too. 
Happy Sunday, friends! x

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