Lottie Loves: 11

Sunday, 5 January 2014

 Photo of the week: Clear 2014 skies. The best kind of crisp morning to breathe in.

1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
FINALLY!! I've been to see The Desolation of Smaug at last! I've been itching to see it since its release but patiently waited until last Thursday to finally settle down with Martin Freeman and the rest of the gang. I have to say, Peter Jackson is doing a pretty good job on blowing my mind. I was blown away. I am biased as I'm a big Hobbit fan, but I'm pretty sure it's awesome for non Hobbit nerds too. A definite must see. Quick question; is it wrong to have a crush on Thorin? I hope not, 'cause it's out there now. 
Also - Orlando Bloom. Daaaayum.

2. Honey Bee Bracelet
J surprised me with a New Year gift last week. It is the sweetest bracelet from Joma Jewellery London. I love honey bees and can't take this lovely charm off at the moment. I like to think it is my luck bringer for 2014. Full of positive vibes. 

3. Tea
Yep, this weeks Loves post includes tea. Bit of a weird one I grant you, but when I'm writing essays I can't stop drinking the stuff. For the past 20 years I've been happily content with English Breakfast tea but this year has been a different story. I've been branching out into all sorts of delights including camomile, Earl Grey and a variety of other loose leaf teas. I find them so much more refreshing than tea with milk or coffee. My current favourite is Twinings Lemon Grey, which I like black and with a bit of recreational reading.
As you can see, I'm currently living my life on the edge. 

4. Trivial Pursuit 
Another strange one, but my family and I fell in love with Trivial Pursuit over the holidays. We had some tense head to head games and enjoyed playing against each other. We're a competitive bunch, can you tell? If you haven't got the board game but do have a handy apple device I can recommend the iPad app - I love it. At 69p it's a must buy! My Mum has even downloaded it on her phone for pursuit on the go - we're that taken with it. 

5. Sherlock
Sherlock (!!!!!) *Screams and dances in chair*.
Yeah, so I'm excited about the return of Sherlock. It is one of my absolute favourite BBC dramas. I'm in awe of the writing, acting and even the format of the show. I didn't even know you could be a fan of a shows format, but there you go! I love Freeman and Cumberbatch in the lead roles (you can see I'm a real Freeman and Cumberbatch fan girl can't you?) and am loving the increasing appearance of Mark Gatiss. Episode 2 of the final series is on tonight at 9. I'll be watching fo' sho'. Probably with a cup of tea in a truly wild style.
Happy Sunday, friends. x

 Photo via BBC

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