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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Right guys, it's exactly one week until Christmas. Haven't done your Christmas shopping yet? I've got your back. Seeing as we're students (or just on a budget - Christmas is soo expensive, right?!) every gift here is under £40. I've got the foodie to the fitness fanatic covered here. Ready to roll? Ready to roll. 

For the entertainer, Chalk and Cheese Board, John Lewis, £20
Entertainers are hard to buy for. They seem to manage everything so seamlessly, what could they possibly need?! Joy the Baker has put together a great selection of hostess gifts if you are in need of a little inspiration. I particularly love the Mr and Mrs cocktail glass set. However, the gift I'd be giving to the entertainer this year is this Chalk and Cheese Board from John Lewis. I love the idea of writing on what cheese, fruits and crackers you're serving. Happily, you can even put this gift together yourself. Find a nice piece of slate and a piece of chalk and you're good to go!

For the foodie, Arctic Measuring Cups, Anthropologie, £36
In my last post, I told you how much I looooved Anthropologie. It kind of had to feature in my gift guide. Mainly because I'd be happy to be given anything from this shop. For the foodie, I think these measuring cups are adorable and so classy. As there is such a divide between the gram and cup system it is great to have a set of cups on hand. These ones please, if you're listening Father Christmas.

For the scribbler, In My Humble Opinion Journal, Waterstones, £8.96
I spotted this notebook when I was out the other day and fell in love instantly. I'm a big fan of journals of all shapes and sizes. I tend not to write in them because they are too pretty but I still love to receive them. So for the scribbler this year I'd like to give them this cheeky and kinda sassy journal. I hope they persuade themselves to write in it. 

For the gadget lover, Personalised iPad or iPhone stand,, £28
Not On The High Street is one of my favourite places for gift shopping. There are all sorts of interesting and original ideas to fill your up stockings with. Now you should know that I'm the kind of girl that would cover a kindle in a vintage book jacket, a laptop in warm leather case. I love technology, but I'm not a fan of the cold plastic that often goes with it. I love these personalised wooden stands that also function as a charger. Practical and beautiful! Hurrah. Happy Christmas, gadget fans.

For the family, Sherlock Cluedo, Argos, £15.99
Is your Pictionary looking a little dogeared? Does everyone know your signature selection in charades? Are you fed up of the same Christmas games every year? Fear not, game lovers, Sherlock Cluedo is here to help! I don't know anyone who doesn't love either the new Sherlock series, Benedict Cumberbatch or accusing someone of murder with the candlestick in the library. Happily, this game combines all three and will definitely freshen up family fun on Christmas day. Cluedo isn't too competitive either, so hopefully the sprouts won't go flying across the room. Hopefully.

For the geek, R2D2 iPhone 4 and 4s case,, £10
There are few geeks that can resist R2D2. 1, he's a lovable droid and 2, he is part of the awesome Star Wars universe. Don't you think the geek in your life would feel nothing but joy to transform his iPhone into R2? I think this one is going to go down well.

For the traveler, Scratch Off World Map Poster,, £18
Do you know someone who can't sit still? Who is an eager explorer and always planning their next adventure? If you're screaming yes at your laptop (or just nodding like a normal person) then this poster needs to be sitting under your tree this Christmas. Your country-hopper will scratch off each place they have visited to reveal brightly coloured countries underneath. I wonder if they will manage to uncover the whole map? 

For the crafty one, Lidded Sewing Basket, Cath Kidston, £35
If you know a sewing bug or a lover of kitsch prints then you need to get yourself down to Cath Kidston sharpish. I would happily receive anything from Cath Kidston, each print is quite beautiful. I particularly love this bright sewing basket and think it would make a great addition to a crafty one's cupboard. Also a great basket for a beginner who wants to start sewing more.

For the fitness fanatic, Willpower Gymsack, John Lewis, £10
I couldn't resist this. Slogan = enough said.
As this is only £10 you might want to get your super fitness fan a matching towel too, I love this one.  

For the Christmas lover, Santa Beard Hat, George, £5
Last but not least, here is my favourite gift for the Christmas lover in your life. I love this playful Santa Beard hat and at £5 it makes the perfect stocking filler. Must be worn for at least 80% of Christmas day. 
Happy gift buying, friends!

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