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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Photo of the week: Christmas tree on a cold winter sky. My favourite!

1. Kirstie's Mince Pie Popcorn
My last post was all over last minute gift giving. If you still haven't got something, Kirstie is here to help. Her Crafty Christmas episode contained a few really cool gift ideas. My favourite one for students was her Mince Pie Popcorn. I imagine it's a like really Christmassy version of toffee popcorn. It's really cheap to make and looks awesome. Also makes a great gift for the festive period, as if you're anything like my family, you'll enjoying the delights of Christmas TV! Want to watch the episode and get the recipe? Click here.

Photo via Channel 4
2. Frozen
Have you seen Disney's Frozen?! If you're answering no, stop what you're doing, put everything down and get yourself to a cinema! It really was that good. I don't often see Disney films in the cinema but I'm glad J and I hopped along to see it last Wednesday. It had an entertaining story, wonderful songs and unexpected but quite brilliant laughs. Definitely worth going to see over the holidays.
Consequently can't stop singing this

3. Strictly Come Dancing (spoilers!!)
It was the Strictly final last night. I'm kinda heartbroken it's finished, I was a real Strictly fan. This is the first year I've watched it strictly (ehehee, geddit?) and I haven't looked back. I've fangirled over Mark and Patrick and was an Abbey fan from day 1. She makes a beautiful and worthy winner. All of the girls in the final this year were bonkers incredible and the series itself was brilliant quality. Bye Strictly, I love ya. *Sad wave*.
I think this was my favourite dance of the series. Still haven't gotten over it.

Photo via BBC News

4. Caroling at Christmas
I love to sing. Sing in a choir, sing in the shower, sing on the way home from work and get weird looks. You can't shut me up. If you took a guess that I liked to sing at Christmas you'd be darn right. I love getting together with lots of other people and belting out some carols. It's a must for me every year and is sure to get me into the spirit like nothing else can. If you can catch any live music this Christmas, you should definitely go. It's aweeesome. 

5. 23 of the most painfully awkward things that happened in 2013
There are lots of ways you can celebrate the end of the year. You can get trollyed, you can ooh and ahh at fireworks or you could read articles like this. Of course you can do all three, that is totally allowed. This is the first 2013 summary article I've come across and it's going to be hard to beat. Definitely worth clicking on if you're in for a giggle. Number 13 gets me every time.
Happy Sunday, friends! x

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